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This was really hard for me to read, because I didn’t want to spoil a single thing. I don’t even fully know how spoiler-free your reviews were because I tended to skip the paragraphs where it seemed like you were headed down a dangerous road.

Still, there were lots in these reviews that I could read, and a lot of stuff I could admire. I never realised how accomplished a writer you were until I came over here. You’re very professional and very readable. I like your style, whiteboy.

The whole Sin City week has been fantastic. Great idea and really good execution. Now all I have to say is roll on Sin City: the film review.

And yeah, I’m going to have to buy all the Sin City books. I’ve been trying to for awhile, but I think they’re all being re-released because most of the old prints have sold out. ARGH!

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Thank you. And, for the record, the review of The Hard Goodbye doesn't contain a single spoiler, but the write-ups of The Big Fat Kill and That Yellow Bastard have very minor ones (but nothing that would ruin your reading experience or gives away major surprises).

(And I might rewrite the review of The Big Fat Kill. After rereading it again, it feels rushed to me and didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped.)

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You say the phone book thing really bothered you about That Yellow Bastard, but keep in mind that Nancy wouldn't have been in the phonebook at all until she was 18 or so, since Junior was a pedophile, Nancy would have lost her appeal to him a long time ago (there might be some "the one that got away sentiment," but the sentiment of "Marv will beat the shit out of you if you touch Nancy," should have overcome that). I think for Junior, it was more about Hartigan. If it was about Nancy, Roark wouldn't have accepted the trade, and Hartigan probably wouldn't have even bothered to offer it. At least, that's the way I rationalize it. Afterall, it wasn't Nancy who caused all of Junior's pain, suffering and humiliation, it was Hartigan trying to save her. So for Junior to take Nancy in front of him, then kill him (or come close) would have been the ultimate revenge. So yeah, that's why I think they had left Nancy alone before they made Hartigan come after her.

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