Episode 16


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All aboard the good ship Shake and Blake, as Ian Wilson and Dave Probert embark on choppy waters. In "Volcano," Tarrant and Dayna attempt to negotiate with a group of extreme pacifists, while Servalan attempts to take the Liberator. In "Dawn of the Gods," the Liberator passes through a black hole and encounters a figure from Cally's mythology. (Remember the last time that happened?) Ian's knowledge of children's television is called into question, one character makes Dave so angry he unleashes a storm of C-bombs, and "The Web" loses its crown as worst episode of Blake's 7. [ 2:30:51 || 72.8 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/shakeandblake/episodes/shakeandblake_016.mp3

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good podcast :) Alas i can't seem to be able to remember dawn of the gods, i must of seen it at some point though :o i have defo seen volcano :D i guess the whole sitting on a big bomb was ment to be like the cold war type stuff, but i think they were a bunch of nobs (from what i remember) i'll give digging dawn of the gods out a miss now i've heard this review :D

I dare say Mr Ian knows far more about old children telly than me. i remember Derek Griffiths, he's ace (alas atm everytime i read ace i read it an overexuberant way, i shall put an exclamation mark for added effect)! strange tis like busses thought of derek Griffiths recently and then hear his name on this podcast. also 2 not nasty threads about timelash on gallifrey base and a good mention on boti :o

Oh and what's wrong with Paul Darrow sunning himself in a pair of speedos :D he could borrow that mobility scooter and everything, pose on it like a lady on a car so we can take pictures. Thinking about it i wonder if Paul Darrow is older or younger than Roger Moore in a view to a kill :o alas i guess older, but i shall say younger just to amuse myself :D

yes my alias is a strange choice, but maybe not so if you had ever played any online games with me :D i seem to be using a couple of different ones atm though, far too sensible to use the same alias everywhere it seems (though think it's because it taken in places)

* It seems I am become muppet, destroyer of threads, it's a gift i tell you

** Paul Darrow has done bits on the wife in space podcast thing, he rocks :D

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