The Garbage Pail Kids


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The Garbage Pail Kids are returning to the big screen. Deadline has word that PES, an artist best known for his short films, will direct an all-new feature-length adaptation through The Tornante Company. Relative newcomer Michael Vukadinovich will provide the screenplay.

First released by the Topps Company in 1985, Garbage Pail Kids were a series of trading card stickers that, parodying the popular line of "Cabbage Patch Kids" dolls, offered gross-out character designs based on simple puns.

Turned into a film in 1987, the original The Garbage Pail Kids Movie was directed by Rod Amateau and featured dwarf actors in puppet costumes as the Garbage Pail kids themselves. There's no word on what approach PES will be taking, but his below film, "Fresh Guacamole", offers a solid example of what he's been working on recently:

These things were lame when I was a kid.

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