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Okay, I normally don't do these types of things, but I've got a younger friend in a pretty bad situation, and they're going to need help here coming up.

Long story short, the friend's transgender, and has been in the closet. It unfortunately came out to her parents through her being listed as being in the GSA for her school yearbook, so she's out now, whether or not she wants to be.

Her mother has refused to co-sign any student loans, and has said she will divorce the girl's father if she does. Her father has made it clear that she will likely be shown the door at 18, unless she gives them two years of complete obedience and transparency (ie, no queer behavior/associated activities). Even then, the girl would need to take a gap year before they would consider fulfilling their promises.

So, here's what she's going to need:

  • If at all possible, financial resources for students who are college-bound whose parents have refused to provide financial aid because of their orientation
  • Since there's a high chance she'll be kicked out at 18, resources for housing, aid, etc

Wi-based, if at all possible, but she'll take anything right now. PM me with anything you may have.

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