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Right, lemme explain. Short story that I wrote out once.

I think it's a little violent. So it probably won't be allowed. Lot's of blood, heads exploding. Let me just say it involves two characters of my own creation. And they have to, to get back in their own time, kill a demon, but you see, they find one and it's name is Inuyasha(From the Anime of the same name.). K I'm gonna stop there. Some people I know didn't like it for that matter, 2 of them are members here. Heh. But this isn't a run-of-the-mill snuff story. No It presents a pretty good reason why they have to... do that. But some people will not like it, particularly fanboys/girls.

What do you think, post it or not? If yes, it will take a few days.

If no, then whatever.

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