Episode 135


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When you mentioned how the characters in Nana are so thin, it reminded me of the mental conflict I had with the Clamp series xxxHolic. I used to read it and often feel very short and fat (before then I considered myself only slightly overweight).

On the other hand, when I was in college, I shared two classes with a young lady. The first thing I recognized about her was that she had a long red overcoat. I thought her coat was something that Yuuko would wear. Then whenever she would light up a cigarette, my mind was made up. Even though she had blonde hair and blue eyes, she was Yuuko.

I think she knew I was smitten with her because she always treated me with a warm kindness. Even during my graduation which was the last time I saw her. I found out she was engaged to a nice grad student. I say that because the year before, the two of us were often the only people left studying in the university library when closing time arrived. If she was Yuuko than that man must have been Clow. That night I cried, partially because I wanted to be with her, but mostly because I knew if we ever were in a relationship, I would have just ended up holding her back from her dreams.

In other words it is because of those unrealistically proportioned spaghetti people, that I allowed my heart to be broken by a real person. If I had the chance to experience it all over again, i would do it in a heartbeat.

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