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Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind was the 1984 film directed by Hayao Miyazaki who also wrote the comic book from which it was based off of.

If you are wondering : what kind of movie is Nausicaa?

Although it is not Miyazaki's trademark film (My Neighbor Totoro) or his most celebrated film (the oscar winning Spirited Away, which he did not accept in person as a passive form of protesting the war in Iraq). It was the film that was financially successful enough to start Miyazaki's personal studio Studio Ghibli, and has received a huge following.

My university's Philosophy club once showed the version dubbed by Disney (which had Patrick Stewart, Uma Thurman and a small role by Frank Welker), and when I asked the few people who saw it for the first time I got reactions of surprise.

One person thought it would be a fun escape from reality, even though he liked the movie he said it still addressed issues that are prevalent in today's world.

Another told me that they were surprised by how women were portrayed in the movie. In the movie the titular Nausicaa not only performed acts that ladies, let alone princesses, never did. I.E. kill the soldiers who murdered her father in combat.

She rescues a prince.

Has a secret laboratory where she does not plan to destroy the earth but finds a secret of hope for the forlorn people of this post apocalyptic dystopia.

She sacrifices herself and is revived at the end, leading the people in a way of peace rather than war. this last scene made many uncomfortable because this made the protagonist seem too much like a female Jesus.

The prequel (if you can call it that)

To date Studio Ghibli has not made any official prequels, sequels or in Disneys case, direct to video in-between-quels. The closest they have come was make a short movie Mei and the Kittenbus which takes place in the universe of My Neighbor Totoro. This film has only been shown in the Studio Ghibli museum. I have not seen a pirated or bootlegged version (a testament to the fans following).

This short film is called God Warrior over Tokyo In the original film, the god warrior is a creature that destroyed the world in an event known as "The seven days of fire." The film never tells when the event took place. All that is revealed is that the film takes place 1000 years later, where what is left of humanity still struggles to survive. This sequel sets the Seven days of fire as right around the corner. Some have said that this dark mini-movie is a reaction to the nuclear meltdown, much in the same way Godzilla:King of monsters was a reaction to the Bikini Atoll detonations.

Like Mei and the Kittenbus this prequel, is only a few minutes long and is part of a exhibit. Unlike MaTKb this is not a part of Studio Ghibli but animator Hideki Anno, who animated the god warrior sequence from the original film. He later animated Neon Genesis Evangelion. This film has been released (leaked?) online. "

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