The Martian Chronicles, Part B: What We Thought


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Can a short story collection be a novel? Will eReaders destroy us all? Are 1970s TV miniseries adaptations by their very nature inherently terrible? And what exactly did Dan and Wendee think about The Martian Chronicles? The answer to these questions, and many, many more, await! [ 1:29:35 || 43.5 MB ]

To listen, click here:

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My childhood roamings (in the USA) also involved going to houses being built and going through whatever the construction workers left behind. I was worse than the kids in "the musicians" because at least they made musical instruments, i made fake weapons. I would love to take scrap metal and pretend it was Excalibur or impale a beer can at the end of a rod, and pretend to be the superhero Steel.

Oh no! If I have any hope of keeping my financial aid I need to hide porn in a hollow tree for pubescent boys to find!? that seems so wrong!

(One searching of my room later . . . . .)

Okay, my financial aid is safe. I guess in the future some mother will be mad when she finds her son going through the Bible and the poetry of Walt Whitman.

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