Episode 23: Pretty in Pink


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Mike Andi went to school on a shcolarship or a "Voucher." To this point, I think if you about it, maybe the remake should take place in a smaller private school. She could come from the inner city or a poorer neighborhood.

Both Andi and Duckie could be the same situation in terms of a possible scholarship and that is why they become friends. At the small school there is a small subset of kids that have the scholarships but it is a very few scholarship students. The teachers and most of the students treat this particular group of students in a particular douchey way.

When we join the relationship between Andi and Blane's reationship in the middle of a troubled relationship and we know that the particular relationship is going to end.

We end the movie on a kiss. We can make the decision wether or not they end up together.

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