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  1. Thor: Ragnarok

    BAD ASS! And that tune!
  2. Every comic you've read in 2017

    I'm due a reread of that series.
  3. Slight changes

    I've made some slight changes to the mainpage of - Since I wasn't really updating it, the News section has been removed. In the future, any relevant press releases will be included in the list of current items (center of the page). - The five most recent items, as previously seen next to the E2 logo, have been moved. They are now where the News section used to be, and it's been reduced from five to three. You may need to refresh your browser to properly see the changes. These changes were made because, in the coming weeks, I plan on courting sponsors / banner ads, which will be placed at the top of the page next to the logo.
  4. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Though I've flipped through it, I haven't read it. What are your thoughts?
  5. This will serve as my official eBay thread.
  6. The Master's eBay auctions

    Black Panther by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection volumes 1-4 Daredevil by Mark Waid, all 11 volumes
  7. The Doctor Who thread

    I have no idea who she is, but I don't care. It's awesome to finally have a female Doctor!
  8. Random wrestling thoughts

    Truly, I wish a commentator had said that, because it never made sense to me. Normal atomic drops, I assumed, were all about hitting the butt / tailbone. Inverted, not so much. But, yeah, as you said, Dubs, that had to do with the selling of the latter.
  9. Random wrestling thoughts

    Something I've wondered since I was a kid: how come an inverted atomic drop is not considered a shot to the balls, and therefore a DQ?
  10. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Centipede #1: A 2017 comic based on the 1980 arcade game. In it, the lone survivor of an alien attack roams the streets looking for life, death, meaning. It's okay, but I don't see me coming back. Comics: 421
  11. Suggestions of shows we could cover.

    With Amazon debuting the new Tick series soon, I bumping Dan's suggestion of covering the 2001 show.
  12. Every comic you've read in 2017

    In Jessica Jones, Bendis has been teasing something regarding the merged universes. And now in Spider-Men II he pulls this. It must be leading to something. If not, I can kinda make it work in my brain: Miles travels to a lot of other realities, as seen in the recent crossover with Spider-Gwen. Due to this, he has retained some memories of his previous life and adventures. He knows he's from elsewhere, that he became Spider-Man after Peter Parker died on his world, and that he had a cross-reality adventure with this Spider-Man / Peter Parker. But, thanks to the merged universes messing with reality and therefore memories, he believes his family was as it is now. Until we're told otherwise, that's what I'm going with.
  13. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Yeah, even with the soft reset of the universe and his origin, everyone knows The Punisher's name. A decorated Marine turned vigilante would be huge news. So, yeah, Jessica being oblivious was strange. In the Ultimate Universe, Rio Morales was murdered. Does Miles remember that?
  14. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Defenders #3: Loving everything about this book. Luke Cage making The Punisher look like a punk was awesome! Spider-Men II #1: Do the characters know their realities were merged thanks to Secret Wars (2015)? I thought they didn't, but Peter directly references it. Comics: 420 (heh)
  15. Random wrestling thoughts

    Some of my current anti-Hogan feelings may come from OSW Review, if I'm being honest. They've really put a spotlight on his shit.
  16. Random wrestling thoughts

    The 1996 SuperBrawl? Also, realizing how selfish Hogan was -- as a character and backstage -- puts a whole new light on the commentary of Bobby Heenan. It makes me wonder how much of what he said was a partial shoot.
  17. Random wrestling thoughts

    Seriously, fuck Hogan. After beating the shit out of everyone with a chair (including a ref and a security official), he has the gall to get in Savage's face and demand a title shot. He even goes so far as to say the belt is his, pointing out that the nameplate still reads "Hulk Hogan." Keep in mind, just a few weeks ago he was pissing and moaning about his friends wanting a shot at the title when he held it. How anyone can cheer for this character is beyond me.
  18. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Jessica Jones #10: Maybe it's because I'm in a foul mood, but I just don't care about anyone in this book. Jessica is good elsewhere, but she's actively awful in her own series. Comics: 418