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  1. I shudder to think what could happen to him, and the title picture, if what happens in January to Shawn doesn’t. Hell, he was still falling towards personal rock bottom at certain points in his first “in ring retirement.” To the point where Triple H was telling him to shape up or no more of the occassional appearances and roles he’d have over the course of those 5 years.
  2. Episode 45: Mel Gibson

    LOL! Just heard you guys put the call out for "any more inaccuracies to add!" Glad to have obliged, even if I hadn't heard it before I did! That's a great channel, History Buffs, discussing various historical movies. Including one of the very first films of a certain HA subject who I know neither one of you would dare do your imitation of =;)
  3. Episode 45: Mel Gibson

    One thing that does bear mentioning in terms of Mel Gibson's attempts at rehabilitation, is that it kind of shines a bit of a light on what Hollywood allows you to come back from. Trying to be delicate here, and BTW, Donovan's podcast Questions We Don't Have Answers delves into celebrity rehab (not to be confused with the reality TV program where celebs check themselves into substance abuse rehab centers) in an interesting episode, but Mel Gibson was up for a silly cameo role in the Hangover sequel. I forget who ended up getting the role, but when it was announced the cast all put their foot down and said that they wouldn't work with Gibson. Which is fine, and within their rights to pull such a power play, BUT, they seemed more than willing to interact with a convicted rapist and possibly psychotic human being in Mike Tyson in the previous Hangover movie. Though I guess to be fair, that was their first movie together, so I'd guess they didn't have a lot of veto power when it came to who to bring in for a cameo shot. But just so we are clear, guy goes on alcohol fueled and anti-Semitic meltdowns, and they are the scourge of the Earth and absolute pariah. Guy is convicted of rape, God knows what else he's done to women he's encountered, literally bit an opponent's ear in a shoot boxing match, but because he's did his time and all that was years in the past, as well as having a silly voice and is quite possible insane, he can find work in a screwball comedy.
  4. Episode 45: Mel Gibson

    I’d imagine this is a 24 minute version of Ian’s Braveheart rant
  5. iTunes trouble?

    That issue is still happening with the first download off of a third party RSS hosting program/software, probably not just iTunes. Last few times I've downloaded Edge and Hey An Actor I've had to go to itself and download the episode from there.
  6. Help influence Episode 46!

    Far And Away for an early Cruise-Kidman pairing.
  7. RIP Roger Moore

    First canon Bond actor to pass on (Barry Nelson died in 2007 and David Niven in 1983).
  8. Episode 40: Denzel Washington

    Fun fact, Denzel Washington is the actor who's films have grossed the most without being a part of a franchise or have some sort of continuation (prequel or sequel).
  9. Episode 40: Denzel Washington

    If only more Mandela Effect "believers" had seen Malcom X!
  10. BUUUWWWHHHAA? Two episodes in a month! Its a 1997 WWF MIRACLE! I guess you are trying to make sure you beat Damien and Desmond's ECW PPV run coverage =;) BTW, on a more serious note, in case this wasn't part of your coverage, the great The History of the WWE website does have a breakdown of all National Shotgun episodes
  11. So its a "serious" attempt at something like all those funny (YMMV) parody "franchises" like Scary Movie, Teen Movie, etc.
  12. Just curious as by now a few years ago the feed had a couple of trailers, with the last one detailing the deadline to send in fan feedback, leading up to the Skyfall review. I know Ian is quite busy, and I'm sure Adham is as well, but just curious if there was any sort of timetable for the Spectre review episode yet?
  13. Ian brought up the delays and this thread in that episode mentioned. No clue off hand which segment though. Maybe the Groundhog Day review? Anyway, its a great podcast, and good way to get your fix of Ian Wilson, Esq (kinda)
  14. Also I think I may have "helped" you...kinda sorta... Listen to feedback section of Tranquil Tirades Episode 64: After Earth ;)
  15. Too long, didn't listen. Podcast version of people's complaint about "long" articles on the net, and ask the poster for the condensed, or Cliff Notes version.
  16. See my post from the 1st of Feb last year. Then listen to the referenced Hey, An Actor! episode. TL:DL version, bad stuff happened during the recording session, and the guys thought so little of the film that its not worth all the time and effort to give it the full FYEO effort (beat-by-beat, production drop ins, etc).
  17. Help influence Episode 41!

    How has Saving Mr. Banks not been brought up yet? To be fair, a lot more films, including others featuring Hanks as IRL persons (Apollo 13, Bridge of Spies) are probably more worthy of the HAA! spotlight, but this is worth a little more than a mention in the career rundown, just due to Pandy's love of making parodies out of George Banks material ;)
  18. Episode 01: ECW Barely Legal

    20 years ago today... WWE Network put up a Collection to commemorate featuring a lot of the buildup to the event.
  19. Help influence Episode 41!

    I'll echo the anti-Gump sentiment. Big and Cast Away are probably better "signature" roles to study Hanks' range. Also some others, Bachelor Party, A League of Their Own, Toy Story and Apolo Thirteen.
  20. Help influence Episode 41!

    Bridge of Spies wasn't bad Sleepless in Seattle/You've Got Mail would be good for cheezy rom-coms.
  21. Episode 01: ECW Barely Legal

    Ah, I think this is a way you can get the guys off track, so ACFTCP can post your Survivor Series '97 episode BEFORE DDT Wrestling posts their November 2 Remember '97 episode! Diabolical ;)
  22. Episode 01: ECW Barely Legal

    Hey, what's the RSS Feed? Trying to plug it into a non iTunes player, and neither DDTWrestling, nor DDT seem to work in the standard Earth-2 feed addresses: Example:
  23. August 2017 season at Brightside Tavern Shorts Film Fest Use the discount code Steve at Film Freeway Check out the site for more info Also submissions for Hang onto Your Shorts Film Festival 2018 (Spring) season is open Also use the discount code Steve at Film Freeway For more info, here is the fest's website
  24. Episode 01: ECW Barely Legal

    Actually a better race would be November's Survivor Series and November To Remember (oddly, according to New Blood Rising podcast, usually considered the WrestleMania or Starrcade of the promotion).
  25. Episode 01: ECW Barely Legal

    Okay, now taking bets on which show covering their August 1997 PPV will be posted first, you guys and Hardcore Heaven, or A Cure For The Common Podcast and SummerSlam!