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  1. Payne

    Kingdom Hearts II

    What level was everyone at when they defeated Sephiroth? I'm just curious how the game works because I'm almost at The World That Never Was but don't even want to come close to Sephiroth yet. Is he something that I can come back to later in the game and defeat after The World That Never Ends or what? I'm just curious what is the best way to defeat him? (I have even tried to face him). BTW, this game kicks all kinds of major ass. What's everyone favorite keyblade(s) or the one you use the most? The one I think I have equipped now after I beat Space Paranoids for the second time is the Sleeping Lion, but other than that it was the Oathkeeper.
  2. Payne

    Kingdom Hearts II

    Just beat Halloween Town and I've put in about 18 hours into this game. I'm not too fond of the Gummi Ship stuff just yet, trying to get into the meat of the game. What's a normal level for Sora at this point? I have him at like 33 or 34 right now. I only ask because I hardly ever play RPG games and I like this one because it's not the traditional turn-based attack mode.
  3. Payne

    Wii news

    I love Nintendo and I'd hate to see them fade off in the distance like Sega. I'm your regular Nintendo fanboy and I can honestly say that the only thing that might intrigue me is the price. I can't shill out 400 dollars for a system right off the bat. So if I'm in a gaming fix and Nintendo is the cheaper buy and has a few reliable titles then that's the way to go for me. I used to be the guy that would buy the systems the day they came out (Dreamcast anyone? 9/9/99) but now with more bills it's impossible. I guess I can play the wait and see game (which I have been doing for a PSP, 250 seems like a lot, maybe if it dropped down to 150, but that won't be awhile) of which consoles will drop their prices first to be competitive. Also, I don't have the broadband internet so internet gameply isn't that important to me either, nor do I have an HDTV. So I don't need all those fancy accessories that come with the system, and if that's what the system is all about which is the feeling I kind of get from an XBox 360.
  4. Yeah, he talked in the cartoon, but I remember it being more high-pitched and not so much Fred Flintstone, kind of a mix.
  5. You rock Yoda...I love you.
  6. Hey, I need help with level 6 (Writer's Block). This might sound really dumb but I'm stuck because it keeps saying that I need to look out for fresh paint, so naturally I try to kick the other gangs asses and steal their paint to no avail. I think I have to open that door with the flashing red button by it but I'm not sure cause it won't open. Any help without too many spoilers would be great. (I've tried looking for an FAQ but the only one I can find is incomplete on
  7. Let's see. Chappelle's Show Season 1 and 2 South Park Season 1 Family Guy Seasons 1-3 Seinfeld Seasons 1 and 2 I probably will be getting Lost for Christmas which I'm definitely all for.
  8. Yeah, that's what I thought.... SWIRLIES FOR EVERYONE!
  9. Payne

    Ross Report

    Now this sounded like a REAL Ross Report as opposed to the other crap that had been shoved down our throats. Oh, and this got me laughing my ass off Just reading that part alone was hilarious.
  10. He probably would have been by now, absolutely. But upon reading other reports, it seems like he didn't put his whole heart into the business and is looking for acting gigs in Hollywood. He wanted to use wrestling as a pedestal... Although now I'm anxious to see Daivari return hopefully. He debuted last week on OVW TV so I can't wait to see what happens.
  11. Payne

    WWE rumors

    I don't get Canseco....then again I didn't get Pete Rose either. But I could see Eminem performing, but I think that'd be a waste to throw him away in a tag match with Cena or that'd suck. As far as the Kerwin situation, that sucks McMahon didn't want to listen to him, but then again it's better than not being on TV at all, although I don't think the Kerwin idea is the worst in the world...
  12. Payne

    Game Boy Micro

    Arnold Says: Ya, I coould clush eet in the palm ahf my hahnd...just like you girlie men.
  13. I'd still prefer someone like Ed Norton for the role, but that's just my personal taste...
  14. Everyone say it with me.... MUTANT LEAGUE FOOTBALL!
  15. Payne

    Wii news

    I'll hold judgment until I get to try it seems like one of those Virtual reality helmet things that used to be everywhere when you turned your helmet, so would the screen etc; It looks different which is the idea, it's eye-catching and something refreshing. On the surface it just looks like a remote control which is confusing, but like I said I'll hold judgment. If Nintendo was smart, they'd have an option where you wouldn't need to use those 3D capabilities and turn them off and just use analog for the old-school gamer. At least I'd hope they would...