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  1. I would personally like to say im sorry, I had no intentions of it going like that and it will not happen again.
  2. your right! its not the worst movie ever. ITS THE WORST FORM OF ANY MEDIA EVER!!!!!!! GODDAMNIT!!!!
  3. I cant wait for our next one, or should i say, i cant wait to get it over with. I FUCKING HATE A.B. FOR DOING THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand you guys dont know me very well but after the next episode YOU WILL!!!!!
  4. honestly while we where recording i didnt feel like i was having fun but once i went back and listened, i sooooo did. sorry damian i really did feel bad for you. ill punch jimmy in the face!!! IN THE FACE!!!
  5. i think james and I watched the regular one but who knows. its not like it made that much of a difference. it was a dick.....wait....youll have to listen to get the rest of that put down.
  6. James franco has the range of just about anyone who ever acted. and at a young age. he is amazing in just about everything he does, which is saying alot coming from me. I usually dont like the pretty boy type actor. unless they show me something. and if bale wins best supporting actor he better send a new car to walhberg because it takes one hell of an actor to make bale look good. check out the new Tirades episode hitting next friday. Its shameless I know, but hell what else are you gonna do.
  7. SOOOOOOOOOOO its not stryker. But does anyone want to start a band with me, we will be called Run S. Wyld. And i hate that picture. Its nothing like my nightmare, lerch wasnt wearing a tie in my nightmare.
  8. Yeah I realized the goofs I made after we finished. Because the motorcycle death is in the same one with the comic book death. And I said 99 because I didnt realize it had been that long. I mean it feels like 11 years but it was actually like 16. Damn Im getting old.
  9. SO I believe we have our next film and i say that loosely, that we will be reviewing. Oh by the way, Im Michael Cole?