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  1. Or one of the best sci fi novels ever written. Can't account for taste, I guess. Got it, you have taste because you like a book that I didn't.
  2. How did Frankenstein's monster get this far? Seeing as he is based on the most boring book of all time.
  3. Massively disappointing to see Pennywise losing to Jason.
  4. I voted for norman but one Ghost face was Timothy Olyphant, so it does have some cool points.
  5. Holacik

    Richard vs The Thing

    It can also separate itself into individual body parts to survive, infect people with a single cell, damn near impossible to kill and can remerge to create a larger creature.It's pretty nasty.
  6. I approve, he's been awesome on Supernatural.
  7. Oh hell yeah! Just don't interrupt him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOyjmppAMI4
  8. Yeah the fights scene at the end was pretty cool. My guess since the big bad appears to be the Mom's boss that they actually created it and the junk was on the plane, then it got in the water after the crash. I'm pretty sure the Partner was dead, as for shooting the guy in the back.... He only broke the roof the first time he did it, after that he seemed to have better control over it. As for why no noticed him jumping, well how often do you look on top of roofs while you are on the ground?
  9. Eh, I really like the idea behind Being Human, but there are ways that the show can improve. Considering that the US remake will have Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer from Supernatural)I'm all for it.
  10. How is that game. I just got it for my birthday but can't play it because I need to keep my wii unplugged for the night. Anyway is it good? I mean Lego Harry Potter. I forgot to specify. It is about the same as all of the other lego games.
  11. Ugh, they are going to make a sequel?
  12. Yeah I'm very much looking forward to this.
  13. Ha, Sy-Fy Saturdays make me wish that MST3K was still around...
  14. Man, I love me some Iron Fist, so this sounds good to me.