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  1. I don't like Birdman but I am fascinated to hear what you guys think of it. Beetlejuice is a must. Spotlight or The Founder. The Founder has more of a lead role but Spotlight is the better film.
  2. I liked it a lot. My only complaint is that Edge returning to feud with Randy seems like a waste when theres so many guys that Edge has never wrestled on the roster. Feels like a bone thrown to Randy to give him a Mania match.
  3. Fun stuff guys. Always fun to step out of my super smarky bubble and hear what the regular tv watchers enjoy. Your theories were wildly off but nevermind. I wanted Shayna to win as well. And Dave? Brock is awesome.
  4. That's a really good point actually that I hadn't thought about. This doesn't feel like a continuation of Data. My main issues related to the modern tv structure. People talk a lot in emotions and feelings and less in facts. Sometimes you just think people should explain what's happened to each other. That and the fact that TV fight choreo hasn't updated since Buffy. The people fighting in this shouldn't be fighting in this style with ninja moves and head scissors, it feels more like a show than a fight. It was revolutionary 20 years ago but at this point its overdone.
  5. I like it, just as I liked the first one. Her being the one helping Steve who is the fish out of water is a nice idea. I feel like it could be more 80s though. Kinda wish Wonder Woman had gone with some big hair ala George Perez. No idea what to make of Wiig though, not enough to judge. Why do I feel like Pfieffer Catwoman will be and influence, dorky girl to cat person etc.
  6. Ian!!!! Look, I persevered. Because I have a taste for stuff that's basically trash sometimes. The Supergirl Lex Luthor is...hes just awful. And I've enjoyed a wide range of portrayals. So actually Tom Welling completely no-selling his ridiculousness was the best thing in this so far. Smallville Luthor was SO much better. Close second is the Brainiac 5 character from Supergirl. I love Brainiac 5 in the DCAU so to see him reduced to some weird autistic genericharacter is miserable. Upsides- Kevin Conroys voice still gives me chills. And I'm glad they felt they could use him in a spot less beholden to continuity, evil insane Batmen is a thing in DC right now and I don't mind representing it here. Brandon Routh still looks the part as Superman and hes still representing the overall movie continuity which is a nice nod. Between him and Kevin Conroys segment theres a lot of nods to Kingdom Come. KC Superman is a favourite of mine, his run as past of the JSA was excellent. Wondering if they'll do more with Burt Ward.
  7. Thoughts so far. -The acting is just terrible. -The effects are worse than that. -Love the full Supergirl suit, hate the bangs. -Kryptonians need to stop building baby-only rockets. -The whole thing just has an air of cheap tackiness that ignores the Golden age of television. This is like a tv show from a universe where HBO never existed. This might not be for me....
  8. I'll be watching that. I stopped with Arrow in season 3 and Flash in season 1 but the sheer crossover love they're putting into this makes it must-see.
  9. I guess I like her in Despicable Me? And I like Bridesmaids. I don't have anything against her I just dont remember her being in much stuff, even things I've seen that shes credited in. She was in The Martian? I literally dont remember that.
  10. Eh, most of that is just SNL cameo stuff. I'm talking featured actress in a movie that made cinemas. I look forward to you review of her performances as Vicki St Elmo in Macgruber, Katinka in Zoolander 2 and Brenda in Sausage Party.
  11. I think Evangeline Lilly has been in more films.
  12. I wonder if it wound up on Wesley's record going into Starfleet academy that he got drunk and blew up an Oberth-class starship.
  13. Bridesmaids. That's all there is right?
  14. This stuff always makes for a better tv show. I'm sure WWE will want to continue the deal but I doubt the talent would be that thrilled. Aside from guys like Dolph, who makes half a million a shot on these tours.