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  1. Yeah, this felt like "we didn't give him an Oscar for Benjamin Button/Moneyball, it's his turn".
  2. Marvel Comics #1000 hardcover: Collects Marvel Comics #1000-1001. So #1000 was pretty good. 80 single-page stories celebrating the company year-by-year, all by a different team of creators, with a throughline from writer Al Ewing trying the history of the Marvel Universe together and reintroducing the concept of the Masked Raider, a minor Western character from Marvel Comics #1 that Mike and I spent a not-zero amount of time bagging on back in episode 750 of The Show, as a cosmic entity of vengeance that sounds like it might have the potential to be interesting if done right. Lots of good stuff in this. Issue #1001, not so much. The loose story is done away with entirely and this feels like an issue cobbled together out of the unused pages from the previous issue.
  3. Raiders of the Lost Ark: I haven't seen this in a very long time. I've always really liked it. This time I loved it. C'mon, it's Raiders. Also, this is the first time I was really struck by how gorgeous Karen Allen is.
  4. Color Out of Space: I'm not the Lovecraft fanatic in my family, but the one I married was very excited. It was pretty good. Nicolas Cage went full Nicolas Cage in a way that served the story well. Some legit scares, a fair amount of trippiness, and more humor than I was expecting.
  5. I've not heard anything about Cushing, but
  6. It's just a lot of middle-aged dudes stomping their feet and declaring Chibnall has ruined their childhoods and Jodie is the worst ever.
  7. Local Boston fandom is a fucking gasoline fire right now.
  8. Just Imagine: A 1930 sci-fi musical comedy that stands as one of the most fucked up things I've seen in a very long time. In the vast futurescape of 1980, people have numbers instead of names, marriage is arranged by judicial decree, and babies come from vending machines. Also there's a vaudeville Swede running around, a Busby Berkeley musical number on Mars, an early starring role for Maureen O'Sullivan before she went on to be Jane in the Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movies, Flash Gordon's rocketship before Flash Gordon used it, and a fairly impressive Art Deco design, extremely reminiscent of Metropolis, except Metropolis is a stunning example of classic science fiction, and this is... not that. The actors playing the leads' best friends are actually very, very funny, especially Marjorie White, who goes full-on Bugs Bunny at the end.
  9. I'm with Mike and Will here. The stuff that works in Deadpool really works, but Ant-Man is much more consistent overall.
  10. Pick It Up: Ska In The 90s: Exactly what it says on the tin. Lots and lots of talking heads detailing the history of a subculture that because popular for about three years if we're being EXTREMELY generous. Great story from the guys at KROQ detailing how they found No Doubt because they were looking for a band that sounded kinda like Sublime, but weren't an absolute fucking nightmare to deal with. Also, have no fear, Dan from 1997; Monique Powell is still pretty fucking hot.
  11. The only other minor point is that we learn in "Resolution" (last year's New Year's special) that , hence the reason they aren't available to help when that would have been the obvious first call.
  12. Doomsday Clock, Part 1 hardcover: collects Doomsday Clock #1-6. I mean, it's not terrible by any means, but... why is this a thing that exists? The Watchmen sequel no one asked for, it's much more superhero-focused than the HBO series and serves as a more linear extension of the original, but with more Batman in it. Geoff Johns is not Alan Moore. Gary Frank isn't Dave Gibbons either, but he isn't actively trying to be. I'll finish the story and there's virtually no chance this doesn't get podcasted at some point, because I mean it when I say it's not a bad comic in and of itself. I'm just not sure why we needed it.
  13. One thing I enjoyed from the Peteypedia is the note that Seymour enjoyed a certain minor celebrity on the crank/Jerry Springer-type circuit as "guy who found Rorschach's journal".
  14. Dan

    Episode 51

    Those uniforms are still butt.
  15. Dan

    Episode 51

    That makes a lot of sense.
  16. Thank you for sharing that, Don.
  17. "Aquaman is lame" jokes have been around since at least the 80s. Dave Chappelle had a routine on that almost 30 years ago. https://youtu.be/c8wN_cA-fQg
  18. I'm getting to this a little late, but RIP Terrance Dicks, who was a mainstay writer for the classic series, pretty much got the Target line up and running and was a huge contributor, and was head writer and one of the main architects of the series for the entire Pertwee era.
  19. JLA Year One: The Deluxe Edition: collects all twelve issues of the 1997 miniseries by Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, and Barry Kitson. My worries this was not as good as I remembered are unfounded. This is still a terrific Silver Age JLA story. It does not include Secret Origins #32, which retold the story of how the League got together in post-Crisis continuity (i.e., swapping out Wonder Woman for Black Canary), which is a shame, as it was A) a very good issue of that book, and B) the direct opener of this series; Year One assumes you've read that Secret Origins and it will take a while to catch up if you haven't. However, in all this is a great story that pays loving tribute to 1960s DC while keeping its voice (mostly) modern, especially in its treatment of Aquaman, who is struggling to adapt to life on the surface (he has difficulty learning to read English as it makes no damn sense, keeps forgetting not to mumble since sound carries much further underwater, and is in general the weird guy in a room full of fairly weird guys). Barry Kitson's art is a lot more 90s than I remembered, but it was still a hell of a lot better than most of what was circulating at the time, and if nothing else is very expressive.
  20. Romita was the art director, but Buscema was the guy he and Stan wanted everyone to draw like. The Hawkman by Geoff Johns Omnibus: collects Hawkman vol. 4 (2002) #1-25, JSA #56-58, and Hawkman Secret Files. So this is when Johns tried his damnedest to clear things up by saying "you know what? They're all Carter Hall now." Overall not a bad run, and a surprisingly quick read. Rags Morales can be a little cartoony, and sometimes his anatomy is a little off, but he's an artist who can draw Hawkman very well, and that's in pretty short supply. Johns leans into the idea that Carter is a huge asshole and probably a little nuts, and drives home the idea that Hawkman's main attributes are A) has a mace and B) is willing to smear your insides all over the wall with it. Also, Kendra Saunders has been around for TWENTY YEARS, you guys.