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  1. The season is... fine. Not awesome, not bad, just kind of okay. Chibnall is deliberately trying to do something different with the modern series - i.e., a series entirely comprised of one-and-dones like the classic series - but as a whole the episodes have not been stellar. The cast is great, and Whittaker is definitely a good Doctor. Also, a not-zero amount of the backlash has been from people gnashing their teeth about the Doctor having boobs.
  2. I believe the offending word in "Word Crimes" is "spastic", which is not really on the radar here in the US, but I understand is VERY not okay in the UK.
  3. Stepping in to say that I 100% agree with this. Not using it in a misogynistic way doesn't mean a LOT of people hear it that way when the word is used and "that's not how I meant it" doesn't mean it's not genuinely offensive to a lot of people. It's kind of like "I would NEVER call an actual 'r-word' the r-word." (Yes, I've had to rethink a lot of my childhood vocabulary.)
  4. I took a chance on it because the co-writer, Sarah Beattie, is fairly funny on Twitter, if (again) kind of one-note. Glad I did.
  5. Money Shot #1-5: I walked in expecting a ridiculous sex comic. I got a surprisingly intelligent story with some solid science fiction and three-dimensional characters in a thoroughly cheerful sex-positive comedy. This was much, much, much better than I anticipated and I'll be reading the next arc as soon as I can.
  6. I've seen the VHS box in video stores but never brought myself to actually rent it.
  7. As a longtime USA Up All Night aficionado, I have a great deal of affection for the oeuvre of one Linnea Quigley, myself. Nightmare Sisters, man.
  8. Yeah, the multiplayer is hemorrhaging players. It's not going to be full price for long.
  9. It's absolutely beautiful. I was tempted to get it monthly when it came out, but as pretty as it was I really didn't feel like I would be getting $4 worth of entertainment every month, and the story as a whole is not a $48 story. I found it being sold as a twelve-issue set at a convention for $25, and that was money very well spent.
  10. 1963 #1-6: A series of one-shots from 1993 (with titles like Tales of the Uncanny and The Tomorrow Syndicate) by Alan Moore, paying tribute to Marvel Silver Age comics. The art was mostly handled by Rick Veitch and Steve Bissette, with some inks from Dave Gibbons, Don Simpson, and others. This was interesting to read now, with yet another of Moore's "superhero comics are stupid and smelly and I hate them" interviews making the rounds; the industry has broken Moore's heart, but his love for the medium was very real at one point, and this is a pitch-perfect take on the very early days of the Lee
  11. "Suffering" is way overstating it. The good stuff is genuinely fun. I just wish it were a lot more consistent. Also, it would REALLY like you to pay for shit like costumes, fighting combos, etc. When it dips below $20 I would totally recommend it as the game you play between big, 60+ hour epics.
  12. Avengers: This game is intensely frustrating. The actual gameplay is repetitive button-mashing in bases that are all 100% identical to each other that blur together that can get old fast. However, it's wrapped up in a really good story with KILLER voice acting. Kamala Khan steals the entire game. The characters all have vastly different fighting styles so you can change things up, and no lie, it's genuinely fun the have the Hulk just smash the shit out of everything. There's probably 40+ hours of gameplay if you go through all the side missions and what have you, but the actual campaign i
  13. Mockingbird (2016) #1-8: This was an absolute blast. Chelsea Cain's Bobbi is sarcastic, hypercompetent, and game for pretty much whatever gets thrown at her. These eight issues are very, very fun and go by in no time. Kate Niemczyk's art is always clean and great to look at. I do have one major issue with the story, however (CW, sexual assault): Which is a damn shame, because on the whole this was a ridiculously entertaining series.
  14. While you and I have very different takes on Joey Lauren Adams' skill as an actor, Mike, I am pretty much right there with you on Chasing Amy. This is a movie about mature adult relationships written by someone who has very, very clearly never been in one, and tackling LGBTQ issues by someone who, by his own admission, had just befriended his first out gay person (Guin Turner's Go Fish was on the festival circuit at the same time as Clerks). The fundamental, core conceit of this movie is that men are incapable of handling the idea that women had any kind of a sex life before they met. Lik