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  1. I have two things I have a F N D in science not because of me because of my teacher he's sooo F N slow he's like a 58 year old guy that had a stroke. I'm not being mean or anything but we don't really get through our lecture and he always loses my assignment. That ass . My second thing is that I don't have a comic book store in a 200 mile radius. I have to get trade paper backs from Barnes and Nobles and go to antique shops. I have to go to LA to get some current comic books. It's F N Ridicules. I feel better :happy:
  2. OMFG that's so sad. He was such a good actor. R.I.P. Heath.
  3. Thanks Guys I gotta say you guys have introduced me to some really good stuff. But, I have a confession I like the anime Kodocha. I know it has lame jokes and stupid stuff. But, I have a lame sence of humor so.... yeah.
  4. I have nothing against Yoda but why couldn't Darth Vader be in the 360 version?
  5. Here's what I listen to Blazen Geeks (I don't know how to describe) The ForceCast (Star Wars Podcast) Imperial Holonet Radio (Star Wars Podcast) MuggleCast (Harry Potter Podcast) TFWIRE Transformers Week In REview The 10th Wonder (a Heroes Podcast)
  6. I know this is really late but why didn't you guys didn't do 101 ways to tell you're a geek?
  7. I don't remember where I read this but somebody figured out another way. The scene goes something like this Nick Fury appears and talks to Bruce Banner about the super soldier seurm and attempting to re-create it.
  8. I'm not a big Hellboy fan but, I don't think that huge green thing is in the comics.
  9. Wow. I thought you were joking when when you said that you were going to review this in World's Finest Podcast.
  10. Well, i'm into Daredevil, Iron Fist, Green Lantern and that type of action sci-fi stuff. And for cartoons Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Camp Lazlo Invader zim and the DCAU and that type of stuff. :happy:
  11. I'm trying to get into anime and manga but I don't know what to read amd watch. Can somebody please help me? P.S so far I currently getting into Death Note