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  1. Did these for a "contest" of sorts. I'm pretty sure Fat DJ posted the first one in another thread already.
  2. Great job! I really like your use of shading, and charcoal is always so hard to use.
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Kingdom Hearts Super Mario 3 Tetris Dr. Mario Blood Rayne (C'mon, you get to shoot Nazis!)
  4. I'm not seeing the movie because of the bath scene. The movie could have been done without it.
  5. Ooh. I love this cartoon. Does anyone else know the theme song by heart?
  6. Yes, I do. You see, when you buy lots on eBay, just to get certain ponies in the lot, you tend to get a lot more common ones, and usually quite a few of them. No, I didn't purposefully get a bunch of the same pony.
  7. It's unlikely - I have it on good authority that so does Morphine Jim. Hmm. Then maybe he and I could arrange a double's trade. Heh.
  8. I collect My Little Ponies. *waits for the insults*
  9. I had to watch each episode twice to understand the gist of what was going on, and there are still some things that I feel I will never understand. I mean, why does the pink-haired girl call everyone Ta-kun? Also, the amount of sexual innuendo astounds me. But hey, innuendo makes the world go 'round.
  10. My boyfriend recently borrowed three FLCL DVDs from a co-worker and we've been watching them, on rotation, every night. I was wondering if anyone else was familliar with this very, er...different anime?
  11. ARGH! THE WRATH! IT BURNS! BURNS LIKE ACID! ACID IN MY HAIR! Having seen pics of you, acid in your hair would probably be preferable to the current style. Ouch. Feel that burn?