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  1. Maybe we will get a Hell-Razer scooter or some Hell-roller blades.
  2. That picture looks like something from Sci-Fi original movies circa 1998.
  3. ordyjohn


    I always love the: "A Wife _ _" stuff Reed would always say in those early FF issues.
  4. Hey Guys just wanted to bring something up about your talk about the classic series and the modern connecting. I went back and watched the episode Dalek from 2005 and there was a classic series Cyberman head in a glass case. The Doctor proceeds to make a comment about it being an old friend of his. I know this is not a shouting from the rooftops connection but it was enough for me.
  5. The bit about Borat doing an impression of Christopher Walken was classic. Keep up the good work guys.
  6. I have this movie and have watched it a couple of times and appreciated it for a good action anime but I never knew that there was so much more that could go with it. I have never played any of the FF games but I might just pick them up now if I can find them that is.