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  1. Think of players in the NBA or MLB that make everyone better around them. When thinking of something like basketball, I've seen the superstar players that score 20-30 points a game at the 3rd and 4th grade level. That kind of talent forces other kids that want to play basketball and middle school to work harder and therefore they become better because of the talent around them. I've seen it happen with the likes of my brother happen.
  2. I just rented this game the other day, and it's not too bad...just kind of confusing at first with all the different controls you need to memorize. I'm disappointed there isn't Wi-Fi for this game like other games but this game isn't too bad. The challenge mode my girlfriend and I beat together in just a couple hours. The game is more fun when played with or against someone else, but by yourself I could see it getting boring very quickly. Anyone else tried it out yet?
  3. That's bullshit. Overly talented players help nobody. everyone on his team knows they don't have to do anything to win. Every other kid in the league gets blown out every game, and don't want to play anymore. Exactly how does this help anyone get better? We are talking about a kid thats way above everyone else.It would be like an adult playing with 10 year olds. The adult doesn't get better by beating up on everyone, and the kids don't get any better by getting beat up on. This kid was offered a spot in a competitive league but turned it down because he enjoys beating up on everyone. I'm glad that something I have seen first hand is actually bullshit. Thanks.
  4. I hate to bump this, but I too run youth leagues (basketball) and I can tell you that the overtly talented kids actually help the not so talented kids out throughout the years and into high school because it forces them to become better players if they want to keep up. It's just another challenge for them. I would never tell a player to tone it down, that's what league rules are for like no backcourt pressure when a team is up by 20 or more points. It's up to the coaches how they want to discipline their kids, not the league. Telling a kid to tone down his abilities is a total crock and is detrimental to the development of all the other players in the league.
  5. Still own Ducktales and Rescue Rangers, those games are awesome. Now the one I really miss the most...
  6. It sounds exciting to say the least.
  7. Good lord!! I want that, but yeah, way too much money. Christmas maybe?
  8. I cannot wait for this game, I bought LEGO Indiana Jones the other day and I am loving it. It's a great co-op game for the girlfriend and I.
  9. I'm still hung up on whether to get a PS3 or an XBox 360. The Blu-Ray is very intriguing with my new HD TV. If a 20G XBox is only $299 while supplies last I might have to scoop one up then.
  10. Adam

    E3 Discussion

    Like I said, the system is becoming peripheral hell which is going to disappoint people as the system gets older and people have to buy 3 or 4 add-ons in order to buy a single game. The motion plus add-on itself will probably cost $20 each which is insane. And yeah, they announced Kid Icarus after the conference, but what the fuck is the point? The one thing I'm looking forward to is Mega Man 9.
  11. Adam


    My girlfriend got me into this show when we first started dating and it's kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. Though it was rather short-lived (3 seasons) it came full-circle and told a beautiful story. Apparently though, M. Night Shamalamalaika is making a live-action adaptation of the show. I am dreading those two coming together. There will be a twist at the end that Appa has been the villain all along or some stupid shit like that.
  12. Adam

    E3 Discussion

    My bad Yoda, I never owned those portables and those were the days before the newer format introduced with GTA III right? I guess that's what I was trying to get at. Animal Crossing sounds interesting enough, but it doesn't compare to other games like Gears 2 and Resistance 2. I am worried that the Wii is going to become too peripheral heavy (it already is pretty much, that's how they make the big bucks) to the point where we now have a Wiispeak, and a wii motion plus. The Wiispeak is pretty cool, but not for a game like Animal Crossing. I'd like to tell a friend to eat it when I'm kicking his ass at Brawl or something, not ask him how his day was while playing Animal Crossing. EDIT: Aaaaaand, supposedly a lot of people were upset about the rumors stating there would be a new Kid Icarus game for Wii that would be introduced but the fans got nothing. I think you are right Fetch, last year they had Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii which were pretty impressive, but there isn't that one game to make everyone go WOW! I'm not asking for a Zelda or a Mario, but maybe another franchise getting a facelift.
  13. Adam

    E3 Discussion

    What does everyone think about the E3 news Nintendo dropped? I never thought in my days I would see a GTA title for a Nintendo console (ok so it's for the DS but that is still fucking awesome). I don't know what I think about Wii Music or Wii Sports Resort, but the Wii Speak and the Wii Motion Plus look pretty awesome. I wasn't a fan of Animal Crossing for the cube but this one for the Wii might make me a fan.