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  1. CN as I'm sure most know is reviving Teen Titans due to the success of the shorts(although, this is due to the popularity of YJ & GL, but they still canceled them)and now we will see a whole new set of episodes that continue the series. I am hoping we get a podcast at least after the first season comes out
  2. What about Teen Titans Go! I'm still really upset about CN canceling YJ & GL, instead of just adding another hour to the DC Nation block(I mean, come on DC needs to get out there like Marvel has)
  3. Hey James, sorry I missed the ending of WFP, that was definitely a huge part of why I got into this website and the ONLY reason I started watching Teen Titans. I was having problems, but I wanted to know with a new 21 Jump Street film coming out and Booker on DVD, will there be a podcast on those, I'd love it. I would do it myself but don't have the proper equipment, thank you 4 reading