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    News Out of Fan Expo

    It was a great panel. He is a pretty cool dude, when i was waiting in line for the sunday conversation i saw Dan chatting with someone dressed up as Impulse. I was glad to hear that he still reads Marvel, i'm not a big fan of people who are exclusive to one company and bad mouth the other , i like marvel and dc, coke and pepsi, star wars and star trek which reminds me i was a bit bummed out that i didn't see any klingons at the fan expo.
  2. Cool thanks for clearing that up for me. Will you and Dan cover Torchwood or any other spin-offs on BOTI ? like how you and James cover the entire DCAU ?
  3. It happened in X-men #25 (1993) for the conclusion of the storyline “Fatal Attractions”. No idea if it’s been released in a trade, but I’d assume so since it’s a pretty major storyline for the X-Men. I completely agree with you about the special effects by the way. It looked like Wolverine had shiny plastic swords attached to his hands. The whole thing was a bit of a clusterfuck, which is what I was expecting, but I was also hoping I’d still have fun with it. Cool thanks for the info, im going to see if the local comic shop has it. I've got to go there anyway they finally got some more copies of the Star Trek movie countdown.
  4. i completely agree with what you wrote turlough47. I like to listen to BOTI for recommendations on what classic Doctor Who stories to watch. Because sometimes i kind of feel left out when in the modern show the Doctor references something from the previous incarnations like the "tin dog" as Mickey would say :laugh:
  5. I've just finished watching series two of the modern Doctor Who show and i picked up a set of Torchwood, i looked up the original air dates for each show and found out that they did not air side by side. My question is can i watch series three of Doctor Who while watching season 1 of Torchwood, do the two shows intertwine like Buffy and Angel or the next generation and deep space nine. Or should i watch Torchwood season 1 to its completion and then start series three of Doctor Who ?
  6. Really ? man i have got to brush up on that. I thought they just through that in for the movie. What was the name of the story were that happened, has it been released in a trade. Because i have dipped in and out of them over the past few years, but i thought i had most of it covered. Also the point about hunters wanting to kill is pretty darn good, i wish i had thought about that. It does make sense i couldn't see Wolverine and Sabertooth building model ships and playing board games together for 100 years. Although just the thought of it makes me chuckle a little bit. :laugh:
  7. I dont know if i can count Dynamite as independent (in my mind anything that is not DC or Marvel is independent) anywho i was browsing through my local comic shop and i found a single issue of Army of Darkness, number 19. So i read it and immediately fell in love with the series, being a fan of the Evil Dead films really helped. I was amazed at how they captured Ash's humour and personality. it was the first non DC\Marvel\Dark Horse\Vertigo comic i've read (not counting captain canuck of course). So i was just wondering if anybody else thinks the same about this series, and also if anyone has any other recommendations on independent comics like Army of Darkness.
  8. Ok i went to go see this movie with a couple of friends last Tuesday and was very confused and upset First off why i just really didn't like this film. Some of the special effects looked terrible, like when he first takes out his claws it looks like a cartoon. I don't like being negative about things but i was a bit bummed out after watching this.
  9. Hi all, I've only seen one episode of Doctor Who on CBC a few years back and it was pretty good , i was lost during the whole show but i liked what i was seeing, and listening to the first two episodes of this podcast has peaked my curiosity even further. My question is do i need to start at the beginning of the franchise , or can i buy the box set that says series 1 from 2005 ? was it a revamp of the franchise like Battlestar Galactica ? Or was it just a continuation of what ended in the 80's ?
  10. I briefly remember the avengers cartoon, this may be my reinforced memory but i remember seing a lot of red skull and the avengers head quarters other than that this shows draws a blank for me. I remember the fantastic four show better than this. Which i would love to see again.
  11. this is awesome news, i didn't want to get my hopes up until i knew it was real. i just wish they would release the spider-man 90's cartoon on dvd. anyways staying on topic with the thread , is the hulk 90's cartoon the one with Luke Perry in it ? because i rented a dvd a few years back that had about four or five hulk cartoons and one of them had iron man in it , was this show part of the MCU ?
  12. I dont know if this was mentioned in this thread anywhere ( i skipped a couple of pages) but i just read something on the web that said that X-MEN 94 is coming to dvd. I'm just curious if this is legit or not. i think i got the link from superherohype.com heres the link http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/X-Men-Dis...V2_Covers/11211
  13. The Public Enemy film sounds amazing , i thought i couldn't wait for green lantern to come out now i cant wait for this to come out. i just hope that the next animated films feature Aquaman or The Flash , that would be awesome.
  14. I just read the final issue of the flash and i'm a little disappointed with it. at times the way the Flash was drawn was pretty bad compared to earlier issues. I thought because it was the final issue it would have been amazing but hey what can ya do , i am looking forward to The Flash Rebirth story