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  1. Mel Brooks is a damn genius, so I have faith that the second Spaceballs is going to kick major ass. Until this thread I never heard of a sequel, but now I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for any more information. YAY!
  2. I think that's how it's spelled. I bought, supposedly, all of the (only 4 or so) episodes from ebay a few years back, and I thought this anime was pretty hilarious.
  3. Yes, and how sweet it was that you did such a thing, babycakes
  4. I voted Betty. Black hair is way more attractive than red hair. Plus, I gotta support my fellow raven-headed gals.
  5. I love Invader Zim! I'm surprised Nickelodeon ever aired it, considering it was one of the more... "disturbing" cartoons. Right up there with Ren and Stimpy, of course.
  6. I know you have. I kept having to hear it > I'm joking. I've been holding my breath for ren and stimpy on DVD for a while, too. I'm new here, in case no one noticed