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  1. eBay auction for Demon Souls Deluxe Edition, Dark Souls Collectors Edition, and Hardcover Dark Souls Collectors Edition strategy guide. Found here.
  2. Chops

    Vita news

    I'm a huge fan of the Deception series, and am contemplating getting a Vita for Deception IV. I'm just curious if anyone here has a Vita, or if there any other worthwhile games for it.
  3. Really excited about this movie. Also, got to say, Chris Pratt looks amazing. Quite the transformation, body-wise, from Andy in Parks & Rec.
  4. Pretty much addicted to Dragons Crown right now. It's really messing with my daily routine, as I have trouble putting it down. I always want to go back for one more dungeon run, even when I have other things to do. It's a beautiful game to look at and fun to play.
  5. She and Brock are the only two competent characters. I think that's the point. Most of the failures seen on the show are because of people's own egos. Dr. Mrs. Monarch has always been a level headed character, and she has put others before herself on more than one occasion. You could say that her failure is she thinks there is more to the Monarch, and constantly defends him, even though he will never achieve anything. Brock's failure is obviously in the love department, never being able to have the one woman he truly wants. Am I the only one that wants to see Gary succeed one day?
  6. I've long been a huge Venture Bros fan, but the three years in between last season and this one, plus the fact that this season is only eight episodes long is driving me mad. I guess Adult Swim needs more room to run reruns of Fox cartoons.
  7. Chops

    Things you want

    I really want one of these. Either the Mega Man or one of the Legend Of Zelda ones..
  8. I think the whole military aspect is being blown out of proportion. If you look at the numbers, in the last 12 years only 0.45% of the American population served during the Global War on Terror. That's a miniscule market that Microsoft isn't going to lose much money over. Secondly, in my honest opinion, as a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, if you're biggest concern while deployed is playing a video game, you should just shut up. You need to realize you're in the military and you have a job to do, and there will be plenty of time to play games when you get back to the states. You should be concerned about doing your job and ensuring you and the Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Soldiers you deployed with make it home safe.
  9. That's been my biggest question, what happens next generation. Do your games become glorified paper weights? Unfortunately he didn't answer it. The whole interview reminded me of the 80's guy from Futurama, "Don't you worry about blank, let me worry about blank."
  10. Started Sleeping Dogs this weekend. I could never get into GTA4 for some reason or another, and never got why everyone thought it was the greatest game ever. However Sleeping Dogs has really got me hooked, it does everything GTA does and does it better in my opinion. Also I love the setting and it has me very nostalgic for the time I spent in Hong Kong. The game really captured the city life there, everything seems authentic.
  11. Just curious to see how much everyone pays for movie tickets where they live. On Saturday I took a date to see Iron Man in 3D, and I was blown away by how much movie tickets cost now. The tickets at the theater I went to were 20 dollars each, so I spent 40 bucks to take my date to the movies, and this was just regular 3D, it wasn't even at an IMAX theater or anything that fancy. True, it has been awhile since I've been to a movie theater, it just seems like I paid too much. So, I'm curious to see if the high price was due to the theater I saw it at, or if movies just cost that much in today's market.
  12. Chops


    Adventure Time is like a gateway to LSD, or maybe it's the other way around...
  13. Chops


    3d pen taking backers on Kickstarter, suppose to be released January 2014.
  14. It's been awhile since I read EGM, but when I did I always thought it was a fair and balanced magazine, so I'm blown away that they gave this game a 9 out of 10. Not only are they the only review over a 5, but it was over twice the average score of 4.1.