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  1. Awesome episode! And in other awesome (for me anyway) news, I've finally figured out how to get the Internet Fairy to allow me access to all of Classic Who... in anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 years.... Sadly, this comes too late to be able to send in thoughts or feedback regarding any of them I do look forward to watching the great (and not so great) moments mentioned on the podcast.
  2. Sorry I'm a bit late in commenting but I think I know why Ace has a fear of clowns. She has Batman earrings right? So it's possible she might have read some comics at some point... I mean after reading something like say, The Killing Joke... who wouldn't be afraid of clowns?
  3. I'm a little behind in my listening, but as the person who originally said to look at the date of the story I have to say Jakob is right, it was in regards to it being April 1st.
  4. I hate to be the bearer of bads new... but look at the date on that article.
  5. CoolB

    Episode 06

    Still haven't had the urge to actually watch Buffy, but I am enjoying the podcast. The reason I'm commenting though is your comment about Armin Shimerman playing both the principal as well as Quark on Deep Space Nine. The comment reminded me of a parody song by The Great Luke Ski. The song is about Quark's bar, but there is a reference to Buffy in there. Here's a video if anyone wants to check it out. Keep up the great work.
  6. CoolB

    Episode 02

    Don't have any actual comments on the actual episode reviews but in terms of the podcast... I enjoyed the Waiting for Godot and the WFP references. I loved the Mordor/morgue door joke. And huzzah for the use of defenestrate! More people need to learn that word so it can be used more often. Keep up the great work.
  7. Finally gave the Odd Cast a listen and I have to say I'm hooked! Thanks for the recommendation Dan and if anyone hasn't given it a listen yet.. you should! Really.
  8. This is the most difficult of these polls for me. Series 4 has four stories that on any given day I could pick as a favorite for different reasons. I'm going to have to ponder this for a bit before voting.
  9. I can't comment on most of the classic stories since I've only seen An Unearthly Child from those. But I have to go with The Eleventh Hour because not only of the modern series is it the best in my oppinion but it holds a special place in my heart since it was the first Doctor Who story I ever watched.
  10. Saw this article and thought it might interest my fellow Doctor Who fans. Basically they're looking for fan submitted questions to be answered during commentaries of certain stories.
  11. CoolB

    Episode 01

    I listened to the episode last night at work and enjoyed it. Still not sure I'm going to go back and give the show another try, but I like the podcast. I also agree with the others that if possible it would be nice to have clips between the episodes. But if it's not feasible that's fine too.
  12. CoolB

    Episode 01

    I'm not really a big Joss Whedon fan either, but this is an podcast so I'm still gonna give it a listen. And who knows, maybe the podcast will make me want to check out some of his shows again. I've also mentioned the podcast to a couple friends of mine who are Whedon fans.
  13. Thanks James for sharing that bit of backstage history. And thank you once again to both you and Mike for 4 years of an awesome show
  14. Got to listen to the show last night at work. Quite a bittersweet experience. Thank you once again Mike and James for doing an amazing show and for consistently bringing a smile (and sometimes outright fits of laughter) every other Wednesday. And thank you to Ian for the time and effort he put into the amazingly awesome and awesomely amazing clip segments. I know where James was coming from in regards to not liking seeing or hearing recordings of himself. I'm the same way (reason I rarely, if ever call into podcasts, don't want to hear my voice). But I'm glad James was able to get over it. And I've also met one of my best friends online and it took ~15 years before we met in person. I do have a request though, if possible when you two do eventually meet, can we have some sort of "live" podcast from the two of you? Please? I forget who asked about possibility of Ro (and I assume Zeta) showing up in the comics so not sure if they're on the forums, but while I agree with Mike that we probably won;t see them in their own series anytime soon I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up in an issue (or even an arc) in the current Batman Beyond series. Zeta did spin out of Batman Beyond so it is is possible they could pop up there. I wouldn't mind a live action version of the show either if it was done well. Maybe then they'd release the second season on dvd... Gentleman, it's been a... LARRY! CoolB Who is still unabashedly a Smallville fan
  15. Well, after almost a week of my main computer having issues I think I have it working again... for now. So I'm finally able to download podcasts again which means tonight at work WFP 100 will be at the top of the listening queue. Can't wait to hear the awesome!