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  1. I'm going to have to also say Gargoyles. Especially since that's where I got the Puck from in my screen name... almost 15 years ago... wow.
  2. A few months ago I was chatting with my father about how I was about to start watching the Peter Davidson episodes along with you guys, and well, he told me his opinion of him. To set things up a bit, I grew up hearing stories from both my mother and step-mother of my Dad's Doctor Who addiction, so he's been a fan for quite sometime. His opinion of Peter Davidson was that he was... well let's put it nicely, a "pretty boy". Not the word he used but I refuse to use that word outside of xbox live! Anyways, from this anecdotal story I'd say people of the time who were use to Baker probably saw it as a move to pretty up the cast to get more viewers. Pretty much what they do now from the get go on most TV. I also find it hilarious that you guys said there was no news when Torchwood had it's season finale. Kind shows what whimper of a story it had. Just watch the finale and let's just say, meh. It really could have been great, but it just felt like a mish mash of so many things. Are you guys going to review Torchwood? Keep awesome, guys!
  3. Not too bad of an episode. Asked some tough questions. No one really have to answer them, but overall not that bad.
  4. Here's a page of Dalek comics my wife came across. http://tiffanysinnerthoughts.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/dalek-comics-doctor-who/ Kind of hit and miss... just like the Dalek's aim! (Badadadish!)
  5. I'm a bad Who fan... I didn't notice him. Though I'll chalk that up to I haven't seen any of his stories... yet.
  6. I think maybe if I had more of a fear of dolls that might have increased the tension, but they just looked like a poor mans Clockwork Robot.
  7. This weeks episode just felt too much like an episode of Goosebumps too me.
  8. Neil Gaiman posted this on his Twitter feed this morning. "What would you do if you were stuck in the Antarctic for 7 months of Winter? That's right, you'd make a DOCTOR WHO video "
  9. If it was Blu-Ray, I might consider double dipping. As is, no. Glad you said that. I'll have to put that into my consideration of buying that.
  10. That's very cool Koete! Thanks for posting that!
  11. Also, Mr Johnson, Fantastic/Brilliant! Looking forward to more in the future!
  12. Dan, One of the reasons you said you didn't care for Black Orchid was because the Doctor wasn't in it, and the name of the show is Doctor Who, however in the modern series there is generally one episode that doesn't feature the Doctor very heavily. Was Black Orchid trying to maybe do the same to focus more on a companion than the Doctor? Just a thought.
  13. How could there NOT be one in the works! It's just too good of a concept!