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  1. I vote for Birdman (which I love), Multiplicity (which I haven’t seen since I was very young, but he plays more than one version of himself in it), and White Noise (which I haven’t seen at all, but has the same director as the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie). Or Beetlejuice?
  2. My first thought was Royal Tenenbaums - it’s been so many years since I saw it, but I think AH was one of the best things about it. And how could I forget she was in The Witches? That was a Paterson kids regular rent - a nice opportunity for Rowan Atkinson to appear on HAA again.
  3. The trailer alone for Beautician and the Beast gives that my non-Hot Fuzz vote!
  4. I vote for our favourite kinda-terrible-but-we-don't-care Christmas movie The Holiday. You missed your chance with Jack Black, so after this you only have 2 chances to do it! Main cases for this are: she manages to do about 12 consecutive "walk into a room and squee at how amazing it is" shots, and all of them are different (top acting, there); and she does a little pyjama dance. Truly, her range is astounding. So yeah. The Holiday. Go go go.
  5. Hello chaps! Thanks a lot for your coverage of what is a very odd show indeed. For whatever reason I didn't watch Jekyll when it went out - I can only assume it must have been before the iPlayer was a thing. It's been fascinating to see some very definite Moffatisms creeping in even here. Not much to add to your reviews, except that to my ears, when Mrs Jackman asks "do you wear clothes when you work for my husband?", I took that to mean "are you a posh prostitute?" rather than commenting on her dress. I've now seen the end of the series, and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how it all turns out... R PS - we are now watching Twin Peaks (or rewatching in my case), and have just reached the end of Series 1. I know I only watched it a year or two ago, but I'd forgotten how well all the plots come to a head for the season break.
  6. We watched the 2000 Charlie's Angels on Saturday morning, which was totally what I needed at that time. It was completely stupid, but knew it and ran with it. In a way, it was a shame that the plot sort of got in the way of the laughs in the second half. But still, we had loads of fun with it.
  7. While a lot of us I think could see this coming, I'm still sad - Capaldi has been amazing, and he clearly loves the role so much. I'm just pleased that it sounds like he had the option to stay on, but chose not to, rather than going the full Colin and being told "it's over". Brand new start then, with Chibnall - assuming Bill isn't sticking around?
  8. I watched the original (shorter) cut of The Wicker Man just before listening to this, and was intrigued to hear about the scenes I didn't see. Does Lee show up earlier than his meeting with Howie in the longer cut?
  9. It might not if a mind-wiped Lois hadn't had Superman's love child between that film and this one. Too each their own, though. Ah, it's been forever since I actually saw the Reeve films. I was more thinking about people coming into this film not really having to have seen them at all, despite them making a bit of a big deal about where it was set.
  10. We watched Superman Returns over the weekend, partly because my partner had only seen Brandon Routh in Chuck and was curious. FWIW, I think he plays the part(s) really well, and the film doesn't really suffer as a result of being set after Superman II. The main issue I have is that Superman takes a back seat to Lois (didn't have a problem with Kate Bosworth) and Lex (lots of fun). Definitely rate this above Man of Steel. Still haven't seen BvS.
  11. Well done guys - that was a heck of a marathon run, but I'm glad that you enjoyed most of the show along the way. I'm particularly glad that Ian enjoyed it, as I would have felt rather guilty giving him something he would spend 11 months hating. When I sat down to watch Twin Peaks for the first time, last year, I was hooked and devoured the set in about a month or so. The character of Coop was charming and engaging, the endless appearances of unexpected actors like David Duchovny and David Warner made me cheer, and I found the eccentricities intriguing rather than off-putting. I certainly don't remember finding the final episode as annoying as Ian did, although it was frustrating in that so much was left open-ended. Looking forward to the next show, which I've never seen, but a copy is winging its way to me from Amazon.
  12. Paul: good fun, but seemed a bit like a good pitch without a plot. Pegg and Frost are reliably funny as ever (basically playing themselves), and I always like it when Jason Bateman turns up in things.
  13. After a couple of weeks of speculation, it's been confirmed that the BBC are releasing an animated version of Patrick Troughton's first story, The Power of the Daleks,on the 50th anniversary of its broadcast, 5 November 2016. No idea if this would pave the way for further animations, but this has obviously got strong draws being a Dalek story and a Doctor's first story. Link to the BBC story below:
  14. I've started working through my David Lynch boxset, so... Eraserhead: extremely odd and deeply unsettling, and while I can see and appreciate the beginnings of Lynch's style, I have no desire ever to watch it again. I also completely failed to recognise Jack Nance from Twin Peaks. Blue Velvet: more palatable, although not without its share of disturbing/unpleasant scenes. Lots of extra points for having Kyle McLachlan in it, and Dean Stockwell was great.
  15. Aw, it's breaking my heart a little to hear you guys sound so down on Who. Now, In the Forest... absolutely is awful, and deserves all the criticism it gets for its heavy-handed / downright irresponsible messages (Hey kids! Don't take your medication, trees might be talking to you!), but it is one weak link in an otherwise very strong series, in my view. While some of the Moffat "tropes" (I hate using that word) are still there, and will continue to be in Series 9, I do think that getting the new Doctor in gave Moffat a kick up the ass, creatively. Series 8 is far from being the worst series since the show came back - I don't like ranking things in this way, because the show is so different now even from when it came back in 2005, that it's hardly possible to compare. I still get as much enjoyment out of the show as I ever did, though, which is what counts for me, and as long as it keeps surprising me and entertaining me, I'm happy.
  16. I have to disagree I'm afraid. Admittedly, it didn't have as much on-screen "wow" as the opening story did, but I thought it was very atmospheric, with a great cast and a decent mystery - which will be explored in the second part. I'm liking Series 9 a lot so far. Completely unrelated thought - Clara hasn't had much to do at all yet.
  17. I'm surprised Ian hasn't done it, but drinking a beer in the shower is a truly delightful experience.
  18. These two episodes are definitely the highlights of the series - quite the opposite of the fabled "mid-season slump". Both the Foretold and the Boneless are very well-realised - the progression of the Boneless from 2D to 3D was very classy (that hand totally took me by surprise first time round). Very excited that Mathieson is back for Series 9.
  19. The fact that he says it took 20 minutes to write the song makes me think.... Hmmmm. Will wait to be happily surprised.
  20. You know, I actually think this is quite nice - it's been a while since we last saw her, and that in itself was a little while after being hit over the head with her in Series 6. Plus, if Clara isn't there (I mean, she's not mentioned in the press release) then River would be a good known character to use as a one-off for Christmas before introducing someone new at the start of the next season. PURE SPECULATION: Could the Christmas special be Moffat's swansong??
  21. I've just finished watching Twin Peaks, and would love to hear you guys' take on it. I think the renaissance of the show could give you an interesting spin on the format - should it have been cancelled and should it have been revived? Surely what happens now can't be what was originally going to happen? In other news I'm hoping to feed back on Crime Traveller - I think I suggested it way back so I feel slightly responsible. Also hoping Strange is on your radar? Ex-priest goes demon hunting with Samantha Janus!
  22. Argh, sorry, I forgot I don't think I can do spoiler tag from the iPad...
  23. Yes, I liked this a lot, and it was certainly a lot better received in the Paterson household than last year's (which finished with a 'what the hell was that about?'). I disagree that all the Xmas specials have been rubbish - A Christmas Carol was perfect. Shona irritated me at first, but grew on me as time went on. And I was totally wrong-footed with Clara - I really thought this was the end for her. And unlike some (who I don't understand) I am glad she's still around. Since Day of the Doctor she's been a fantastic companion. Better than Cheaty Pond by a country mile.
  24. I really don't know what to make of this one. While watching it I enjoyed it, then it stopped and just.... I dunno. It felt like the writer didn't know how to resolve or expand his pretty cool concept.
  25. No hesitation in saying that was my favourite of the series so far. Scary, funny, clever, nicely shot, and.... Capaldi smiled one time!