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  1. The Heart of Fortune #3
  2. Originally only available as a giveaway with purchase of How the West Was Weird, Vol. 2, the e-book CAMPFIRE TALES is now available at (for those of you with Kindles) and (for those of you with any other kind of e-reader. This book includes 4 weird western short stories by Russ Anderson, Derrick Ferguson, Joel Jenkins, and Joshua M. Reynolds. For 99 cents, it's a steal! Four astounding novellas combining the western with sci-fi and horror. This new addition to Pulpwork Press's best-selling HOW THE WEST WAS WEIRD series includes: MR. BRASS AND THE CRIMSON SKIES OF KANSAS by Josh Reynolds. The robot Pinkerton is all that stands between President Teddy Roosevelt and an attack by sky pirates and Mr. Hyde. HELL'S OWN by Russ Anderson. Zombies overrun a small western town, and the town's lone sheriff is the only one that's armed. Will anyone survive? THE TALE OF THE BARON'S TRIBUTE by Derrick Ferguson. When a foe from Sebastian Red's past attacks him through his friends, Sebastian must undo the damage done to his loved ones and do battle with a foe who is, for once, in every way his equal. GUNMEN OF THE HOLLOW EARTH by Joel Jenkins. Lone Crow, Doc Holliday, and Morgan Earp lead the surviving members of the Wild Bunch into a lost world at the center of the Earth, running afoul of dinosaurs, a tribe of barbarian women, and a posse of silver-hungry banditos who have followed them from the surface world. So what are you waiting for? Get on over to and get yourself a copy!
  3. Reviews now up @The Ferguson Theater Conan The Barbarian (2011) Conan The Barbarian (1982) Batman: Year One Jenny Ringo And The Monkey's Paw Clash of The Titans (1981) Immortals Jesus Christ Superstar Tower Heist Assassination Tango Bamboozled After The Sunset Kick-Ass
  4. Bounce over there now to vote for your favorite Dillon adventure in the brand spankin' new poll!
  5. The saga of A MAN CALLED MONGREL begins here!
  6. Ron Fortier and Rob Davis are thrilled to announce the release of the first Redbud Studio/Airship 27 Productions venture in All-Star Pulp Comics # 1. You can find it at IndyPlanet This massive comic one shot features 58 pages of wall to wall pulp adventure in graphic form. Seven old and new pulp heroes as written by today’s most exciting new pulp writers and brought to glorious graphic reality by super talented artists. Here are the Green Lama, Domino Lady, Jim Anthony Super Detective to name only a few. The volume also contains the very first ever comic adventure of Barry Reese’s highly popular hero, the Rook. The color cover featuring the Green Lama & the Domino Lady is by Jeff Butler. Stories include: •Green Lama by Adam Garcia & Mike Fyles • Jim Anthony by Erwin K. Roberts & Pedro Cruz • Black Bat by C. William Russette & Wayne Beeman • The Blue Lady by Sean Taylor & James Ritchey III • The Rook by Barry Reese & Craig Wilson • Secret Agent "X" by Bobby Nash & Jeremy McHugh • Domino Lady by Percival Constantine, Rock Baker & Jeff Austin • Cover by Jeff Butler Standard Sized Trade Paperback Black & White Page Count: 58 $6.99 POD A collection of stories in varied styles from retro to new age digital painting here comes a collection of Pulp Age characters in comic storytelling- some in that form for the very first time. New Pulp writers and artists bring you stories with fists flying and action galore. Join the fun in ALL-STAR PULP COMICS #1!
  7. Reviews Now Up @ The Ferguson Theater Jesus Christ Superstar Tower Heist Assassination Tango Bamboozled After The Sunset Kick-Ass King Kong (2005) Mad Monster Party Saw Lost Highway Jaws The Fifth Element
  9. ALL PULP Interviews Howard Hopkins Howard Hopkins is a prolific writer of novels, comic books, and short stories as well as an editor and musician. It was recently announced that Howard would be writing the first new Lone Ranger novel of the 21st Century, which will certainly be a future Trivial Pursuit question. All Pulp sits down to discuss the new novel, Lone Ranger: Vendetta as well as Howard’s other writing and editing projects.
  10. The Trail of Sebastian Red #2
  11. Reviews Now Up @ The Ferguson Theater Planet Terror Real Steel The Ides of March Mary Reilly House on Haunted Hill Solaris The War Wagon Silverado National Treasure Force 10 From Navarone Tommy Contagion
  12. Our own Derrick Ferguson steps into the spotlighted hot seat up on the chopping block for this episode which is so Ferguson packed that it is a two parter! Join Ron as he goes into the cracks and crevices of Derrick's background and then Tommy and Barry talk Derrick up about his latest Pulpwork book, FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON! Enjoy all the manliness one Pulp show can handle when Derrick gets PULPED! Check out PULPED! and the New Pulp Movement at and at the New Pulp forum hosted by Comic Related at under NEW PULP! Also, like New Pulp on Facebook! Ron Tommy Barry
  13. Pulptacular focuses on ALTUS PRESS!
  14. Animated Batman should be given a rest for at least five years. But at least DC Animated is giving us other series and characters such as YOUNG JUSTICE and the upcoming DOOM PATROL. As long as they continue to give other characters a try alongside Batman, I'm happy.
  16. FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON IS LIVE! A lost city in the Cambodian jungles run by a pint-sized tyrant wearing a gem-encrusted belt buckle. Beautiful women who lure Dillon and his rival, rock musician Sly Gantlet, into a clash of alpha males and a deadly set-up. A beautiful queen and a backstabbing friend. A quest for an evil artifact linked to the betrayer of Christ. FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON includes four hard to find and never before seen stories ripped from the life of global adventurer Dillon! Ordering information can be found at or Pulpwork Press. And remember that with proof of purchase of FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON you'll also get the 10 page illustrated "Dillon And The Escape From Tosegio" Details can be found here:
  18. Apologies for the delay but thanks to the hard work put in behind the scenes by Joel Jenkins, FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON should be listed at Amazon in the next couple of days. Apparently there was some kinda glitch on their end and Joel, with the assistance of their support got it resolved. Thanks for your patience, guys.
  19. PULPED! THE OFFICIAL NEW PULP PODCAST-Author Kevin Hearne and his Iron Druid gets PULPED! On this episode, Tommy and Derrick welcome Del Rey (Subsidiary of Random House) Author Kevin Hearne aboard to discuss THE IRON DRUID CHRONICLES. The guys talk fantasy, urban and traditional, religions and pantheons, Boys and their wolf hounds, witches and ravens, and more! Find out if and how an Urban Fantasy series can produce an awesome New Pulp Hero!
  20. The Super Detective returns!
  23. PULPED! The New Pulp Podcast This week on PULPED!, Tommy Hancock and Derrick Ferguson bring on Horror and Fantasy Author Richard Lee Byers to talk about his New Pulp character and ebook series 'THE IMPOSTOR'! Listen along at breakneck speed as the two PULPEDsters and Richard talk about his new work and his time in the Horror boom of the 70's/80's
  25. Garrison James has written a comprehensive overview of Dillon's origins in his "Pulp Magnet" column over at NEW PULP. Check it out.