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Big Damn Heroes has hit episode 57, and man is this one a doozie. Over on our one episode of Buffy, relationships fall further apart, we get a good dose of childhood trauma, a strong dose of creepy via incestuous overtones, and exactly why a character's mother was cast the way she was. Over on Angel, things just keep heading straight to Hell as a certain character stops even pretending to be anything but EEEEVIL, a favorite character shows up for a few episodes, and the last crossover between the two shows (if a bit weird timeline-wise) happens. Join Will and Hannah for Buffy's "Lies My Parents Told Me," and Angel's "Salvage," "Release," and "Orpheus." PS: We're due to be finished with Buffy by the new year! [ 54:36 || 26.5 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/bigdamnheroes/episodes/bigdamnheroes_057.mp3

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I forget what forum it was way back when (may have been City Of...), but there was an episode reaction thread to Salvage where a poster took the Faith and Angelus exchange "Do you kiss your Mom with that mouth?" "No, but I ate her with it" as a reference to the name of the Buffy episode.

The poster was simply answered with "No, reference to Angelus actually killing his family.". Ahhh newbies to TV shows, especially (no idea actually but if the poster didn't know Angelus's backstory, I'm guessing he or she was just jumping onto the shows) coming on that late in the game.

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