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I may be jumping ahead here, but there is one thing I remember about this book that I have gotta throw out.... and I'll try not to spoil anything...

I hope I am remembering correctly, as I don't have access to a copy of the book, but I remember the very last sentence had a very strange choice of words that just stuck in my head. I find myself wondering why the author wrote what he did. Anyone with any thoughts, please let us/me know.



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I enjoyed the first podcast about this book and felt like good insights were provided.

One thing I have often heard is people comparing and contrasting this book to 1984. II guess it is mainly about the ideas of a future communist society in BNW and a future fascist (?) society in 1984, but to me the latter is so much scarier and bleak that i find them hard to compare.

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I was under the impression that Orwell was a student of Huxley. I could see the 1984 connection to communism with "Ingsoc." I thought BNW was a reaction to Facism due to the political movements at the time of its publication.

One difference between the books that really jumps out to me is the authority figures. In BNW the most powerful character is Mustapha Mond while Big Brother is acknowledged but never there in the flesh. I thought that was one thing that Orwell did better than Huxley, but that is just opinion.

Shortly after reading BNW I came across Heinlein's "Stranger in A Strange Land" and found part 1 to be the opposite of Brave New World. From small things like Malthusian breath mints (parodying all the malthusian devices in BNW) to having the weak passive Michael change the world as opposed to the aggressive John being destroyed by the state.

Or I could just be over-analyzing an Iron Maiden song. lol

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