Episode 04: Christian Bale


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The Brothers Wilson return to take on an actor of extreme talent, as well as extreme temperament: the Overlord of Growling himself, Christian Bale! The forums have given Ian and Pandy his star-making movie American Psycho, whilst wartime history flicks Rescue Dawn and Swing Kids are shared between the siblings. Pandy has all-new jingles ready to unleash, whilst one film provokes actual loathing in one of the hosts. Who admits to "doing a Bateman" in the bedroom? Why is Father Wilson like Hitler? What is up with Bale and his failure to master German accents? There's singing, there's discussions of dancing, and a few obligatory mentions of House MD. Plus, three Reese Witherspoon films are chosen for episode five, and the subject of episode six is revealed. [ 2:14:40 || 57.0 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/heyanactor/episodes/heyanactor_004.mp3

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