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Invisible Woman: Despite Reed's big brain, Ben's enormous strength and Johnny's ability to grow white-hot and supernova, Susan is quite possibly the strongest member of the team. Having raised Johnny since he was a child, Susan has always played the role of mother and is deftly able to keep the three men in her life in check. Unlike her brother and Ben, Susan is able to control her temper — both in battle and domestically. And though her powers of invisibility resulted from the shell she once kept herself in, Susan has since broken from it and is able to share herself emotionally with Reed. All too often, however, she finds her husband cooped up with one experiment or another and is tempted to flee to the warm embrace of Namor, her would-be lover. But, as always, her inner strength prevails and she sets aside her schoolgirl feelings for the king of Atlantis, remaining true to her husband.

Much like her mental strength, Susan's extra-human powers top even those of her male counterparts. From the start she could turn invisible, hiding herself from even the deadliest of foes. Later on, however, her powers would evolve, allowing Sue to not only turn others invisible, but to create force fields that can withstand any attack (just so long as she's able to stay focused), invisible "energy bolts" that can be thrown / projected, platforms that seemingly allow her to fly and weapons for hand-to-hand combat.

The Thing: Of all the members of the Fantastic Four, Ben has suffered the most — at least when it comes to his powers. Once a lady's man, Grimm often hides his brick-like face underneath fedoras and helmets, and shuns the world for fear of being shunned himself. And despite his rocky exterior, Ben is actually a very sweet, sensitive man that cares deeply for his friends and family. That, however, does not mean he'll refrain from using his vast strength to bash someone's face in or knock a building on top of their head.

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Well, I haven't dropped in, so I missed voting on Thing vs. Reed. I agree with the outcome though. And AFAIK, Thing has never fought the Juggernaut.

I give this one to Invisible Woman. With her force fields, she can go toe-to-toe with Grimm, but she doesn't have to. She flies him up several hundred yards and drops him, pours on some punishment to get him dazed, and then cuts off his air until he passes out.

Like I said in the other thread, Invisible Woman also bested the entire FF (though She-Hulk was standing in for The Thing) as Malice in a 1980's storyline. It would take the combined powers of the Thing, Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch to take down I.W.

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