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standing 5 foot 10, 140 lbs, from Perry Hall MD.

The Majestic, the magnificent, the mighty F.i.

It's been a long long while since i've sat down at my computer and have regularly expected to nerd it up. Sites have been disbanded by the admin, dying servers, and various other plagues to my internerd past. As a resolution to this dilemma, I am making this board my new home. Hopefully I can help pump some life into this community. I've enjoyed reading what everyone have posted but once I got through old threads I noticed nothing new is popping up.

Coming to a monitor near you THIS THURSDAY:

and every thursday there after, well hopefully atleast, my personal results of new comic day. What i got, what i liked, what i didn't, what i wanted to get, what i rolled my eyes at.

i won't be able to keep that pace up once the school year hits since I will no longer have a weekly comic shop fix, but hopefully the comics sections can be jumping by then to help keep me updated.


is my second passion. I'm gonna drop info and discussions about Fi's Weekly Cartoon. You'll probably have watched them if you watch cartoons and they may not be new, they may not be commonly aired, but they will all be good cartoons. at least in my eyes.

I'll wanna talk and vent about many other things as well. nerd games, wrasslin', movies, and whatevah else.

I'm gonna start dropping threads faster than rev run drops the beat (blatant lie) so hopefully people will step up and respond. And if/when Versus puts up more battles you know I'll be tharr. Maybe i'll get to add to the number of nation and worldwide F.i.natics. If I'm really lucky, i'll get an arch-nemesis or two.

Mighty F.i. the Retreater

suggestion = turn the fun up to 11 boardmembers

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Glad to hear you're making Earth-2 your home and I like your ideas. Can't wait to see what you have planned.

As for the lack of new threads, well... I blame myself. I've noticed that the more often I update the mainpage, the busier the boards are. And vice versa. Since I haven't been updating as often as I should (daily), the forums have noticeably quieted down. Hopefully with your enthusiasm and my desire to get my ass back on track and actually update five times a week, we'll be able to liven this place up once again.

One more thing. I only run new versus every two weeks (in fact, I should have ran one today, but forgot). This is so we don't water down the concept, and kill the section. If you have suggestions for Versus battles that we should run, make sure to post them in the pinned "suggestions for fights" thread.

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Yeah, I know I haven't been very much help in contributing to the forums these days. I've always loved the video game forums and it's nice to have a place to talk about all the things I usually can't talk about with all my friends, it's just that I haven't really playing many games lately and from what I have played, none of them except Resident Evil 4 have been all that good.

But yeah, anyone whose up to making this board more lively is okay in my book. :yes:

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