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  1. That's only slightly better than a cloud. I despised part 3 of that trilogy.
  2. Proud owner of both games. Still play them regularly. Duck Tales is the largest reason my NES still gets use because it is such a good game for short plays. Nowadays games made from other franchises have the stigma of utterly sucking. That stigma always makes me think back and wonder what happened. There is a massive amount of NES games made from outside properties that are just flat out fun to play.
  3. I second that. She is right at the glare mark. I don't really have anything against this other than why they need to give such a weighted billing.
  4. I have great to pathetically great knowledge about pretty much every incarnation of the turtles (including the anime, but that really isn't worth going into beyond a passing mention) other than the "current" (it is on hiatus I believe) comic run. For some reason that I don't even know, I haven't ever picked up the current books.
  5. I wouldn't say he's the worst thing, but he definately isn't all that great
  6. episode one didn't do anything to grab me but since your are setting up a "deadline" for the end of ep two, I suppose I'll give that a go as well
  7. I feel like some of the humour would be too quick for kids but I do know that my whole theatre, including myself, was laughing loudly on several occasions.
  8. very very very good. The turtles all have very distinguishable characters, the voice acting was all very strong (even though Mako felt wrong despite being the performance I was most looking forward to), the action sequences were amazing, and the plot developed extremely well (it is much deeper than the "monster's on the loose, they're taking over the world, ahhh!" that it has appeared to be from ads/trailers/teasers). If you go in expecting something good and fun and turtley, you will get it from this film. That and "black betty" will be stuck in your head for another year.
  9. The review pretty much just tells me everything I already expect going into the movie. And I will be going into the movie. I'm excited.
  10. Zing! She hasn't really have a big enough body of work for me to settle on a similar opinion of her, but I am not too far away from agreeing.
  11. that is probably the most awkward looking she's ever been drawn. Canary is looking good in the back, though
  12. First, I hope this proposed 300 follow-up isn't a sequel, loose or otherwise. Second, Alba's Nancy Callahan is not the title "dame" in Sin City 2. That would actually be Ava Lord, rumored to be played by either Angelina Jolie or Rachel Weisz. Shut up, you! The media never makes stupid mistakes like that! I hope they can wrangle up the same cast for pretty much every character. There is probably only one or two that I wouldn't be sad about changing actresses. And they might not even be the same characters so much as grouped together in my mind as the same. I, too, hope the follow-up isn't related to 300 in story at all. I'm really curious what myth has grabbed his attention.
  13. I didn't know there was a "halfway between the United States and Mexico." I always thought they were adjacent. Damn my poor geography skills. God, Captain Punisher looks stupid. So far everything points to the impact of this simply being a costume change for the Punisher. I want substance. Fantasy: Bucky kicking Frank's ass for wearing the stupid costume.
  14. Too bad it is winter. I'm not really a huge fan of 300 but I feel the LotR comparison is unfair. I despise LotR in their movie (and book) forms. 300 was better than that. Nerd blasphemy I know, but LotR compares to Star Wars in that aspect. The source materials create great stories... but are told horribly.
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  16. Maybe I spoke to soon. The two times I went on my computer so far today, I've had to log on. It has happened to me a couple times, too, over the passed few days but not enough to really bother me.
  17. Spider-Woman is just about one of the most compelling characters in the Marvel Universe right now if you really focus on what is making her tick and what she's gone through and how many different sides she is working/looking at things. Keep in mind that she has been set up to be a big player when Fury comes back, too. New Avengers was the best CW tie-in, as far as I'm concerned, and her story was part of the reason why. This is just something to tuck away until the day...
  18. The video of the second Cap/Colbert Crossover A little flub that I didn't notice when I saw it on TV. But near the very end Colbert says . I listened to it a couple times just to make sure.
  19. Sorry, I should have been more clear. By saying "I'm pretty sure 13 eps is the complete series" I meant that there is no episode 14 and I don't believe they intend on making more. I don't know how far the anime travels the manga, so I'm totally willing to believe you about it.
  20. I've read the first three volumes and have seen the first two episodes off a friend's preview dvd. I really enjoy the book. It is very low-key and mildly depressing but in a relaxing kind of way. What I saw of the show was almost exactly like the book. If you like one part you should like the rest. The stories aren't really any different from each other in feel. I'm pretty sure 13 eps is the complete series, which is good. I would be worried if it lasted longer. I will always recommend the first volume of the book, but I will always tell them to read the first before buying the second. You will know if you will like the rest by the time you finish the first. I imagine the anime is the same way. By the end of the first episode or two you will know if you will like the rest.
  21. A friend of mine was complaining to me about the TMNT port because I can't play with him. He's telling me that the only way to play multiplayer for the game is if I had a 360 (I don't) and the game (yeah... no). It seems silly that they won't let me walk to my friend's house and pick up a controller and play with him.
  22. It really just comes down to who has the power of defining a term. The understanding of words changes all the time depending on the uses that get saturated through society. I've never had a problem with 300 or Watchmen being "graphic novels" when it is in that collected book format. It is a story: beginning, middle, and end. So who gets to define the term? the industry? the fans? or the general population? The industry seems to be fine with this use of graphic novel or it wouldn't be showing up in the movies as such. Using our little sample, the fans are split. Being divided into halves, I'm not sure that the people opposed to its use can affect society enough to restrict the term. The general population is a flock of sheep. This isn't always a bad thing. It keeps things, like language, consistent. Language is fluid, go with the flow.
  23. I agree with you and took that side in an argument in a thread a little while back. I don't remember the topic and am too lazy to look it up right now but there were valid points on both sides. I'm still on the side that the bound collection of 300 on my shelf is a graphic novel and have no problem with movies like League of Ext..., 300, Sin City, etc..., being referred to as "based on the graphic novel."
  24. Are we going to establish new etiquette for spoilers now? I imagine if the spoiler warning is in the topic, and the spoiler listed is about that topic, it can be highlight-free.