New Comic Day: The Incredible Hulk 84


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Big Thumbs Up for this ish, with the recommendation of getting issue 83 as well.

Common with the House of M, mutants are ruling the world and there seems to be one man stronger than the mutants, Hulk. They really try to play it up that the Hulk is the only feared human. As such they also very much put the Hulk into a position of power by hinting very early on (in 83) that Banner is aware that the world is not in its proper place.

Banner, happier than he can ever remember being, is living Down Under with a tribe of Aborigines that Big Magnus himself has advised mutant activity to avoid. A certain govenor in Magneto's ranks fails to uphold this command, takes many casualities, yet remains arrogant. When what was planned to be a peaceful confrontation, violence ensues and the Humans deal a large blow to the mutant world-wide empire.

If anyone has read this book I would love to chat more specifics about it. If no one has, yet you want to follow House of M or want a new good book to pick up, Hulk has been consistantly good pretty much ever since Bruce Jones gave it life again maybe four years ago.

Looking for something good to read in general, pick up the TPBs of his stuff on Hulk.

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