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Not entirely sure this is where this goes, but I do not think it really qualifies as a video game. Anyone here into the Versus card game? For those of you who are not familiar, the best description I can give came from a friend of mine who is normally a tool but was kinda creative with this one "Marvel: The Gathering"

Its a good game which both Marvel and DC have gotten in on, much like HeroClix. But this is cheaper and new rules have not yet sprung up that make no sense and annoy the heck out of me. Not to mention it is much cheaper to buy a deck of these cards than buy enough Clix to play a proper game.

I just noticed recently that the newest set is emerging soon from the Marvel side of the world with the Avengers (X-Men, Brotherhood, Doom, Spiderman, Batman have already been put out possibly others I have missed). Thought I would see if anyone has checked them out and has any thoughts, or thoughts on the game in general, I say it is awesome and should be looked into by anyhow who has people to play with.

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I'm eagerly awaiting the Green Lantern release, though it could be out without my knowledge since I wouldn't buy it until I can get to Comics MD and greet my F.I.natics

Though it does appear they have already started altering rules by giving characters permanant attributes like "willpower" and "stealth" stuff like that, that is reference by other cards so that it only effects, or ignores specific characters.

If it keeps up I will prolly be done with this game post GL, much like I ended Heroclix with Poison Ivy.

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