The Defenders 1 of 5 Miniseries


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The original Defenders reform, or try to.

screw Hellstrom, gargoyle, valkyrie, and all those other B teamers, Doctor Strange searches out Bruce Banner, Namor, and the Silver Surfer to battle a threat that, ummm, threatens life as they know it.

Of course things go poorly, Silver Surfer declines (in hilarious fashion), and both Bruce Banner and Namor have severe odor problems.

I'm gonna try not to give anything away but this book is AWESOME. I beg someone to go out and read it so I can ramble on with them. BEG!!

If you like satire or parody, this is your book. I pours a sense of reality and absurdity on over-the-top characters.

It's the best single issue I've read since New Warriors 2 (of 5). Sure that was only a week ago but that is not the point. I'll rant on New Warriors when I get issue 3.

The Defenders Miniseries' first ish: As many astral thumbs up as I can muster

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