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As forewarned in episode 3.4 which went up yesterday, Dave and I are recording a bonus episode that covers the table reading of what would have been the series finale of The Middleman. Specifically this:

If you would like to send in feedback, for either this reading or as a final word on The Middleman as Dave and I cover the show and mythos, we record tomorrow at 12:30PM BST. Which is in just under 14 & 1/2 hours as I post this. So if you want to contribute, the address is:

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Thought you'd like to know that the table read for the new, crowdfunded volume of the comic book has been posted on Youtube. It's brilliant.

If anyone wants their own copies of the comics, you can buy them from O2STK. Here ends your promotional message from Middleman Pimps Я Us :D

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