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  1. That article made for interesting reading, certainly. I appreciate that people write in the context of the time, and the time Hughes wrote in was pretty rough, but whilst I take into account his successes (most of which I haven't watched), I'm not a fan.
  2. Gimme an M - M! Gimme an I - I! Gimme a C - C! Gimme an H - H! Gimme an A - A! Gimme an E - E! Gimme an L - L! Gimme a D - D! Gimme an A - A! Gimme a V - V! Gimme an I - I! Gimme a D - D! Gimme an S - S! Gimme an I - I! Gimme an M - M! Gimme an S - S! What does that spell?!?! That's right............. Ageing.
  3. Yes, you can help influence not only the film Pandy & I use as the joint review, but the homework we assign each other to plot the range of their career. As announced in Episode 79, our subject will be Judy Garland. Pandy & I will take an executive decision on what makes the joint review by Saturday 27 February so get your ideas in before then! 
  4. Diane Morgan did similar schtick for Charlie Booker years beforehand, although her character there was known as Philomena Cunk: Anecdotally, I was listening to the Cunk audiobook (an encyclopedia that she defines poorly) on my way in to work today. It's a bit UK-centric, and it's 5 hours long so the same type of joke once every 20 seconds for 5 hours does wear thin, but the best observations are legitimately very funny.
  5. Yes, you can help influence not only the film Pandy & I use as the joint review, but the homework we assign each other to plot the range of their career. As announced in Episode 78, our subject will be Julia Roberts. Pandy & I will take an executive decision on what makes the joint review by Sunday 17 January so get your ideas in before then! 
  6. Haven't seen the former. The Crow vs Deadpool
  7. I honestly had to hold back tears going through some of the tributes to the guy. I was shocked enough with the news to begin with - it was on the BBC News homepage, which is my browser default homepage - but the tributes from his AEW/WWE colleagues broke me. You can at least say that when he was Brodie Lee, he challenged for the AEW title, brutally won the TNT title in a sheer spectcale, and lost it, in his last match, in a compelling dog collar match. RIP Mr Huber.
  8. Pandy & I begin to record as soon as he puts his children to sleep, as 2020 is the bleakest of years. In other words, we're recording within the hour and will get to feedback roughly 90 minutes after we start, so if we haven't heard from you by then, your ballot will not be counted and, like Trump, we will ignore your petulant mewlings about how this is unfair.
  9. Yes, we may have only done half a year, but damn it, the Tomlinson Awards are still a thing. So remember, this is what you have to choose from: Kristen Wiig Sylvester Stallone Cameron Diaz Timothy Dalton Anjelica Huston Richard Pryor And here are our past winners: Favourite Featured Actor 2015 Arnold Schwarzenegger 2016 Sir Christopher Lee 2017 Tom Hanks 2018 Dame Angela Lansbury 2019 Sir Ian McKellan Favourite Review 2015 Drive Angry (Nicolas Cage) 2016 Mamma Mia! (Meryl Streep) 2017 Braveheart (Mel Gibson) 2018
  10. Hard disagree, there. The Last Stand was hugely disappointing but it wasn't terrible. X-Men Origins: Wolverine by contrast IS terrible. Nah, its been done.
  11. I think that's a relatively safe bet - I've seen Cody refute plans for a 3 hour Dynamite on Twitter before (pre-lockdown).
  12. That's the one - yeah, that's never been OK since I've been alive. Ian Dury (who was disabled) got into a lot of hot water for his song 'Spasticus Austisticus', which was a solidarity song but wasn't taken that way by the music industry.
  13. Well, promoting her being hired by AEW and giving her the book will coincide with her interests! I don't know her situation with NWA, NWA's situation and their dynamic with AEW, but they really need someone different than Omega booking the women's division when it only amounts to a single match on Dynamite per week (there's plenty on Dark, but the division deserves more). I'm hoping the oft-rumoured third hour on TV (which I believe is intended to be an additional show rather than a 3 hour Dynamite) will help ease that.
  14. In Scotland (in the Trainspotting sense), the c-word is practically a term of endearment and that was legitimately confirmed for me by a Scottish acquaintance (she wasn't saying it to me but it came up in our conversation). I similarly bleep it for HAA, for sensitivity reasons, but I don't cut it out of the podcast wholesale because a) it hurts the flow of the dialogue, and b) 8/10 times there's a reason why it was used, but I still bleep it. On occasion, Pandy used it simply to make editing for me more laborious, although I think that was in the early days. But to his credit, he got uncomfort
  15. Full Gear was a pretty top show, and a big step up from All Out. Top 3 recommends would be Page/Omega, the tag title match and Moxley/Kingston. Also the Matt Hardy cinematic match has some outstanding cameos.
  16. Yes. My point is that the scene diminishes Weird Al.
  17. Conversely/equally, it's infuriating watching him and Weird Al Yankovich prank Malcolm McDowell.
  18. Yes, it is a Rob Zombie movie after all. And that was the version I watched. But if I had delved too deeply into the Zombie can of worms, it wouldn't have made great content. And bear in mind, this is the best film of Zombie's in my opinion - sort of by default as Halloween II and The Devil's Rejects are right at the foot of my Flickchart, but it isn't as bad as them.
  19. Sad day. For all of Connery's flaws (the wife-beating being the most serious), he was one hell of a screen presence. Lazenby is now the oldest of the 4 living Bond actors.
  20. For my part, I think Cody's arc up to the dog collar match has been excellent. I don't think winning the title back buries Brodie, nor his wins over Cassidy buries OC's post-Jericho momentum, but I think we're in a holding pattern until Cody's next opportunity comes around. I say that because he's positioning himself as the RVD of AEW. Which is to say, he doesn't need the main belt to be on the card and would rather explore storylines as the 2nd/3rd billed singles storyline on the card. It helps him, it helps his opponents (see the TNT open challenge) and it frees up space for AEW's main
  21. I'd need to rewatch Mean Girls, but probably that.