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The death of a crewman leads to Captain Kirk being put on trial ("Court Martial"), a supercomputer has total control over a town ("The Return of the Archons"), and the guys agree that the best Star Trek film ever is in fact not a Star Trek movie. [ 1:10:36 || 34.3 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/theedgeofforever/episodes/theedgeofforever_010.mp3

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Hey guys as usual a fine podcast and if you count Galaxy Quest as a Trek movie, it ensures the odd number sucks rule stays true for the pre NuTrek films :smilewinkgrin:

What do you guys consider the best Trek Courtroom episode? Every single series has had one if not more. Off the top of my head I can think of,

TOS: Court Martial (duh), The Menagerie

TNG: Measure of a Man, The Drumhead, Riker accused of Murder (sorry don't know the name), while not a courtroom one per-say I'd say The First Duty counts.

DS9: Worf on trial for attacking a Klingon Ship

Voyager: Death Wish (Quinn and Q)

Since TNG has the most material to draw from I'm going with the Drumhead. Great look at the idealized Federation giving into its fears and paranoia plus good Picard Speech. Though Riker's episode also is enjoyable. I like that they do the multiple perspectives of events.

DS9's episode with Worf was also pretty good. Though he's proven innocent, I love how Sisko gives him a dressing down cause even though he was proven right, Worf was also wrong.

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I found Dans comparison of "Return of the Archons" with "The Purge" to be interesting. I have heard others compare it to "The Host" although I think that movie was more closely related to "Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The red hour reminded me a lot of the rituals seen in "Brave New World." However in that story, Huxley often had their characters under the influence of Soma.soma.zoom_.detail.g.1.jpg In the world of Beta-3 the people were just acting out of their repressed desires. In both cases you see the horrible aftermath of what has happened. In Star Trek it was a woman who was so traumatized she needed medication, in BNW you see one of the main characters are so guilty of what they did that they commit suicide.

However I think the best use of this concept was by Eric Blair (A.K.A. George Orwell) in "1984." In the story there would be a period of time known as two minutes hate where the supposed enemy of the state Emmanuel Goldstein File:1984EmmanuelGoldstein.jpgwould talk about the flaws in the system during which the people viewing it would throw themselves into chaos. They would be restored to order when Big Brother appears on the screen. File:Telescreen.png I saw this not only as a way of purging and giving into their more base desires but a form of mass conditioning. Going chaotic if anything else but the established system is enforced.

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