Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix


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Just read a preview for this, and whoa totally awesome. Its release date will be October 24th, 2005.

I look forward to making my room mate pick this little gem up in a few months... and making him pick up a second dance pad. I love that it comes with a story mode as well as minigames where you play normal platforming sections using the dance pad for movement.

Supposedly it features mostly Mario Theme music, and little of the typical pop music which the other DDR titles sport. But thats what I have my PS2 and DDRMAX2 for. I look forward to seeing more games which make use of stuff like dance pads... or bongo sets... or whatever else might be thought of.

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Its very rude of you to MAKE a roommate buy this. He should want to buy it without your nudging if he's going to get it. God your a jerk. Given he would have to be stupid to not want it.

I wouldn't really call the music in max2 (for example) Pop. But, the reviews i've seen say there is a bunch of dance remixes of nintendo songs as well as remixing classics. So I imagine that is like max2 in that sense, end of the world or whatever it is called in that game. so it should have non nintendo songs but i don't at this time expect things like "in the navy"

stop being mean to your roommate thesteve. you jerk. I hate you.

p.s. I'm sure a great gesture of making this up to him would be like buying him a present in a form of the second pad.

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I am so not buying him a pad, besides, he is weakminded enough that I can convince him that it was his idea all along. If he ever read this he would shout "It was my idea!" but that is because I have clearly fooled him into believing it to be so.

In other news I am a jerk.... and I still look forward to this game, having just completed an even 40 songs on DDRMAX2 in order to survive the wait to October 24th.

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Ofcourse, much like I am doing with Donkey Konga, your roommate may try to see if there is going to be a sequel and then buy the package deal of the sequel as his second pad. My second set of bongos will be when I eventually buy DK-a 2. Or there could always just be the acquirement of an adapter and the use of a roommates PS2 pad.

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