This game was a trailblazer because....


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I have been looking through books on video game history and came across one called Deus Ex Machina on the ZX Spectrum. All I have been able to find is a youtube video but the music and Jon Pertwee narration is very hypnotic.

I have been told it is a trailblazer because it is the first attempt to make video games high art.

Agree, Disagree? why?

What games would you argue is a trailblazer and pioneer?

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As far as trailblazers, something should be said for Final Fantasy IV. While the Phantasy Star series also really helped to popularize having a big, epic story with characters who were more than a single personality, it also really helped to create a combat system that would be used to JRPGs for a decade on. For that matter, Dragon Quest helped to prove that a console RPG could be something innovative over it's PC ilk.

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I am reading "Atari Inc: Business is fun" and found out the earliest video game to be scandalized for demeaning women is the Atari Gotcha, due to having orbs rather than joysticks. Supposedly the person who originally designed the prototype suggested orbs for Atari's answer to the Simon, the touch me.

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