Episode 43: The Happening


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There is a podcast called Hollywood Babble-On hosted by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman. Each week (or so, they've been taking to long hiatuses in recent times due to various reasons) they do a glorified wacky FM morning drive show's "Entertainment Report," which is appropriate since Garman does just that on LA's KROQ, along with impressions, and other wacky bits for the Kevin & Bean morning show.

One segment the podcast has been doing for a long time now is called "Exquisite Acting" where they, actually fans submit suggestions and then they play clips, take moments where "A List" actors (though every now and then a fine piece of scenery chewing or clunky performance by a lesser rated performer will be played if notable enough) put a bad performance on a line reading (Nic Cage seems to be among the leaders in appearances in this segment BTW). And this is usually followed by Garman mocking the line reading, which every now and then will crop up in the show as a running gag either by the hosts or the audiences (done live, mostly at an LA comedy club, currently the Improv). The "WHAT!? NO!" line made it onto the segment on episode #84 that went up on May 28th of 2012. Garman's impression of Wahlberg's line reading has been used every now and then whenever Marky Mark is in a news story or whatnot.

BTW, just went to the episode page, and they still have a link to a clip, I presume, that was used on the show:


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