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Been thinking about this and was just reminded on Facebook about this. The idea of this thread is to propose the TV cast for a series made up of the cast of another. For example, I've thought for a long time that the main cast of Justified should be the cast of Preacher. Thinking about it, it goes quite deep.


Timothy Olyphant's Raylan Givens is a cowboy. He's also a prodigal son in a lot of ways, with his own moral code and intense need to set things right in his past. Who better to play Jesse Custer?


Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder gives us a despicable human being that we just can't help but root for. He's a liar and a schemer, but he is true to himself and loyal in a way that suits him. Kind of perfect for Cassidy. On the other hand, you could switch these two actors in these roles and get another set of interesting portrayals.


Joelle Carter's Ava Crowder is as complicated a character as television gets. She is beautiful, haunted and broken, but stronger than anyone ever expects. She's the kind of woman men can't help but sever brotherhoods for, and also one you don't turn your back on. She is Tulip.

How about the supporting cast?


Nick Searcy's Art Mullen is saddled with the burden of Raylan Givens. He's put upon and dangerous in his own right, with the perfect tinge of comedy relief. Who better for Starr?


A late addition to the show, Sam Elliott made his mark as Avery Markham, a badass with a mysterious past and a lot of dead men at his feet. He's someone that no one thinks they can beat easily. Elliott's had plenty of experience with a cowboy hat and kicking ass in movies. He's our Saint of Killers.


Mary Martindale gave us a villain that fits in the top 10 of TV's all-time in Mags Bennett. I'm doing a gender swap and putting her in the role if Allfather D'Aronique...ahem, Allmother. She will lead the Grail and have a lot of screaming at Starr which will be fun.


Jacob Pitts' Gutterson and Patton Oswalt's Bob Sweeney both offer two different versions of backup for Raylan and I think they'd be great together as the Sexual Investigators


Michael Rappaport came around and gave us a peak into the backwoods southern hillbilly life Damon Herrimans Dewey Crowe came from. There's enough badass and crazy to make these guys Jody and TC.


Jeremy Davies was a villain in Dickie Bennett that you couldn't help but feel sorry for. Imagine what he'll do as the good-natured, but poor-witted Arseface.


Jere Burns dominated this show with his intelligence, comedy and effeminate villainy. He will be very memorable as Jesus DeSade.


Raymond J. Berry played Raylan's dad, but it won't be a far cry from the massive human piece of shit that is Odin Quincannon.


Erica Tazel's Brooks was the best Marshall in the show by far. A no-nonsense kickass law enforcer who had to deal with sexism and racism to get where she was. Perfect for Deputy Cindy Daggett.

Feel free to add characters I missed with actors from Justified to play them, or to do your own show.

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