Episode 857


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Rev your engines! Pandy and Christian investigate the world of fictional vehicles. Which vehicle sends Pandy into fits of childish giggles? What is a hover-twat? As the curse of the middle list strikes again, join them as they discuss mechanized beasts that traverse land, sky, sea, and space and the people who pilot / control them. Also, visit the forum thread for the episode to answer our listener question: What is the worst vehicular collision in fiction? Ready, set... LIST! [ 1:10:25 || 34.1 MB ]

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Where is the Supermobile?

You may be asking: What is the Supermobile?

The Supermobile is a vehicle that is specifically  designed for Superman.  It is indestructible.  When he has to go to a star system that has a red or orange sun, he can take it and still be at his full power. He can use  in a yellow sun system it will amplify his powers.

Sure it has not been used lately, but I think that it is so cool and should be used more

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Favorite Vehicles

  1. The 1966 Batmobile: It's loaded with more gadgets than any car Q ever built for 007, the beast is powered by atomic batteries, and it's a fucking convertible! OH MY GOD!
  2. Tie: Dragula and The Munster Koach: I refuse to live in a world where I have to decide between a drag-racing coffin and a souped-up stagecoach.
  3. The TARDIS: Anywhere in time and space? Sold!
  4. Ecto-1: I have a deep fondness for ambulances of this design, and I love the idea that a vehicle synonymous with saving lives is used by an organization that specializes in hunting spirits of the dead.
  5. The Homer: I adore this monstrosity.

Honorable mentions

  • The Iron Man armor: A personalized, weaponized, repulsor-powered suit of armor? Yes, please!
  • Dalek shells: A personalized, weaponized, nigh-invincible tank? Yes, please!
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Favorite Drivers / Pilots

  1. Cliff Secord (The Rocketeer): Here's a guy who sees a rocket backpack and decides to strap it on because. Just because.
  2. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern): Considering my general thoughts about Hal, this one might surprise a few people, but one cannot deny he's a great, daring pilot. In JLA: Year One #1, for instance, he noted he refused to fly test aircraft while wearing his Green Lantern ring because his instincts would be muted. During every minute of his life, Hal wears his ring, except for when he could die in a horrific plane crash. That's all kinds of awesome.
  3. James Bigglesworth (Biggles): Dude can fly a Sopwith Camel (which I'm told is not easy) and learns how to pilot a helicopter by the will of his awesomeness.
  4. Frank Martin (The Transporter): Frank is the Hal Jordan of cars, with lots of ninja-style Batman thrown in.
  5. Max Durocher (Collateral): It's not so much his driving skills that put Max on this list, but the fact that he's a normal guy who comes out alive after one majorly fucked up night.
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