Episode 448


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Just binge-watched season two of Daredevil and now you're sitting at home lamenting the lack of ninjas in your life? Dread Media's got you covered. It's weird ninjas this week as Darryll and Desmond dive into the sleazy zombie ninja epic Raw Force, and the 1980s gymnastics-instructor-ninja-possession film Ninja III: The Domination. Ninjas are the silent assassins of The East, but even they like to get down once in a while: "Last Ninjas Unite" by Gama Bomb, "Island of Domination" by Judas Priest, "Enter the Ninja" by Die Antwoord, and "Shadow Warrior" by Blue Oyster Cult. [ 1:24:24 || 40.7 MB ]

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Loved this one, guys! It's funny, I find myself in both of your shoes; while I loved ninja movies in the 1980s, my memory has mashed them all into one giant fight scene.

Though it's not a ninja film, have you ever thought about covering The Last Dragon?

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