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I almost want to go on this whole big thing about defending the endings, but at the same time, I kinda agree with you guys. Like, I still don't hate what we got, in the end, but I also totally agree that the endings we got should absolutely be rewritten. 

Hell, there was this Jack/Miranda fanfic I read a while back, that takes place during the final battle/assault. And the way that the author ended it, if memory serves, was this: Jack and Miranda basically confessed their love for each other, and started running towards the Citadel beam thing. And then it just ended there, no postscript thing, no mention of the Starchild/Reaper AI, none of that. I think if Bioware had gone that route, and had left everything after Shepard entered that beam a mystery, then I think it would have been something a bit better. 

Also, I do kinda agree with you guys on most everything else. Like, I'll agree that Omega is easily the worst bit of DLC for 3. I don't hate it per se, but it's easily my least favorite DLC for the game, and one of my least favorites for the series. And yeah, Bioware/EA should at the very least release an Ultimate Edition of 3, bundled with all the DLC, so that people shouldn't have to pay out the ass for story-critical stuff. 

And I will say, you guys should absolutely play Leviathan. It's probably my favorite DLC of 3, at the very least, and it's also very lore-heavy. And I think that Leviathan helped me not hate the endings outright, because of what happened in it. Granted, I agree with what Dubs said a while ago, in that, why the fuck did Bioware not include it in the main game, cause holy shit. 

One more thing before I go. I think you guys mentioned something like this in the actual episode, or something along these lines. But I think the biggest mistake with Mass Effect 3, really, is that EA forced Bioware to make it within about a year of 2's release. Had 3 been released in 2013, or hell, even 2014, and had been given time to have everything ironed out, and have From Ashes and Leviathan included, the multiplayer removed, and the endings fixed, I think 3 wouldn't have such a negative cloud around it. I still maintain to this day that no matter what, people would have fucking hated the endings to 3, but I think if given more time to work everything out, things would have been different. 

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