Episode 09.02


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Dave and Ian continue their viewing of Steven Moffat's Jekyll. In episode three, Tom is fatigued and in hiding while fighting off an increasingly more dominant Hyde. When he confronts Peter about his betrayal, they both end up locked in a wine cellar and Claire Jackman finds out her husband's dark secret. Someone doesn't leave the cellar alive. In episode four, Tom is trapped in a techno box and he and Claire are taken to Klein and Utterson. Miranda, Catherine, and Min confront Peter with what they know and bad coffee is apologized for. They also discus TV storytelling techniques they dislike and the career of 2 Unlimited. [ 2:02:07 || 46.3 MB ]


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Hello chaps!  Thanks a lot for your coverage of what is a very odd show indeed.  For whatever reason I didn't watch Jekyll when it went out - I can only assume it must have been before the iPlayer was a thing.  It's been fascinating to see some very definite Moffatisms creeping in even here.

Not much to add to your reviews, except that to my ears, when Mrs Jackman asks "do you wear clothes when you work for my husband?", I took that to mean "are you a posh prostitute?" rather than commenting on her dress.

I've now seen the end of the series, and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how it all turns out...


PS - we are now watching Twin Peaks (or rewatching in my case), and have just reached the end of Series 1.  I know I only watched it a year or two ago, but I'd forgotten how well all the plots come to a head for the season break.

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