Episode 943


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Put on your monocles and smoking jackets! In this edition of £ist and $hout, Pandy and Christian collude with Donovan Morgan Grant to invest in the fictional rich. Specifically, noble philanthropists, heartless misers, and the foolish purchases made between the two. During their survey, the three gentlemen encounter Leicester's second coolest pair of brothers, learn to how to befriend a certain bearded comics legend, and reveal the true fate of the Titanic. [ 2:16:55 || 67.3 MB ]

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Yeah, the Arrowsignal was an actual flaming arrow. So unlike the Batsignal, it only worked if Ollie and/or Roy were looking out the right window at that second. Also unlike the Batsignal, it had a significant potential for injury or property damage.

(What happens if they need Green Arrow during a Total Fire Ban?)

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